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Mezhdunarodnyĭ Zhurnal po Teoreticheskoĭ i Prikladnoĭ Matematike, Klassicheskoĭ i Nebesnoĭ Mekhanike i Kosmodinamike

Short Title: Mezhdunar. Zh. Teor. Prikl. Mat. Klass. Nebesnoĭ Mekh. Kosmodin.
Parallel Title: International Journal on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Classical and Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics
Publisher: Sputnik+, Moscow
ISSN: 2307-9487
Online: http://ijmmech.totalh.net
Comments: No longer indexed
Documents indexed: 4 Publications (2013)

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2, No. 3 (2013)

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