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Atiyah, Michael Francis

Published as:   Atiyah, M.; Atiyah, M. F.; Atiyah, Michael; Atiyah, Michael F.; Atiyah, Michael Francis; Atiyah, Sir Michael F.
Documents: 263 Publications indexed (1952–2019)
Co-Authors: Bott, Raoul Harry; Singer, Isadore M.; Hirzebruch, Friedrich; ...
Main Fields: Differential geometry (53-XX); Global analysis, analysis on manifolds (58-XX); History and biography (01-XX); Quantum theory (81-XX); Manifolds and cell complexes (57-XX); Algebraic geometry (14-XX); Algebraic topology (55-XX); General and overarching topics; collections (00-XX); Partial differential equations (35-XX)

Deligne, Pierre René

Published as:   Deligne, P.; Deligne, Pierre
Documents: 143 Publications indexed (1966–2020)
Co-Authors: Bernstein, Joseph; Freed, Daniel S.; Kazhdan, David A.; ...
Main Fields: Algebraic geometry (14-XX); Number theory (11-XX); Group theory and generalizations (20-XX); Topological groups, Lie groups (22-XX); Category theory; homological algebra (18-XX)

Margulis, Grigoriĭ Aleksandrovich

Published as:   Margulis, G.; Margulis, G. A.; Margulis, Gregori; Margulis, Gregori Aleksandrovich; Margulis, Gregori Aleksandrovitch; Margulis, Gregory; Margulis, Gregory A.; Margulis, Grigori A.; Margulis, Grigorij A.
Documents: 126 Publications indexed (1966–2020)
Co-Authors: Kleinbock, Dmitry Ya.; Dani, Shrikrishna Gopalrao; Abels, Herbert; ...
Main Fields: Topological groups, Lie groups (22-XX); Number theory (11-XX); Dynamical systems and ergodic theory (37-XX); Group theory and generalizations (20-XX); Manifolds and cell complexes (57-XX); Differential geometry (53-XX)

Milnor, John Willard

Published as:   Milnor, J.; Milnor, J. W.; Milnor, John; Milnor, John M.; Milnor, John W.
Documents: 166 Publications indexed (1950–2020)
Co-Authors: Bonifant, Araceli M.; Serre, Jean-Pierre; Bass, Hyman; ...
Main Fields: Manifolds and cell complexes (57-XX); Dynamical systems and ergodic theory (37-XX); History and biography (01-XX); Functions of a complex variable (30-XX); Algebraic geometry (14-XX); Algebraic topology (55-XX); Number theory (11-XX); Group theory and generalizations (20-XX); Game theory, economics, finance, and other social and behavioral sciences (91-XX)

Serre, Jean-Pierre

Published as:   Serre, J.-P.; Serre, Jean Pierre; Serre, Jean-Pierre
Documents: 277 Publications indexed (1949–2019)
Co-Authors: Borel, Armand; Bass, Hyman; Milnor, John Willard; ...
Main Fields: Number theory (11-XX); Algebraic geometry (14-XX); Group theory and generalizations (20-XX); History and biography (01-XX); Field theory and polynomials (12-XX)

Thompson, John Griggs

Published as:   Thompson, J.; Thompson, J. G.; Thompson, John; Thompson, John G.
Documents: 105 Publications indexed (1958–2018)
Co-Authors: Feit, Walter; Sloane, Neil James Alexander; Völklein, Helmut; ...
Main Fields: Group theory and generalizations (20-XX); Number theory (11-XX); Field theory and polynomials (12-XX); Information and communication theory, circuits (94-XX)