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Skinner, Dale N.

Published as:   Skinner, D.; Skinner, Dale N.
Documents: 3 Publications indexed (2001–2006)
Co-Authors: Chruściel, Piotr Tadeusz; Delay, Erwann; Lee, John M.
Main Fields: Differential geometry (53-XX); Quantum Theory (81-XX)

Skinner, Dane R.

Published as:   Skinner, D.; Skinner, Dane R.
Documents: 2 Publications indexed (2006–2018)
Co-Authors: Jennings-Shaffer, Chris; Waymire, Edward C.
Main Fields: Quantum Theory (81-XX)

Skinner, David

Published as:   Skinner, D.; Skinner, David
Documents: 21 Publications indexed (2006–2019)
Co-Authors: Mason, Lionel J.; Adamo, Tim; Bullimore, Mathew Richard; ...
Main Fields: Quantum Theory (81-XX); Relativity and gravitational theory (83-XX)

Skinner, Dominic J.

Published as:   Skinner, D.; Skinner, Dominic J.
Documents: 2 Publications indexed (2006–2019)
Co-Authors: Large, Timothy M. J.; Lister, John R.
Main Fields: Quantum Theory (81-XX)