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Janić, Racovan R.

Published as:   Janic, R. R.; Janić, R. R.; Janić, Racovan R.
Documents: 34 Publications indexed (1964–1981)
Co-Authors: Đorđević, Radosav S.; Vasic, Petar M.; Mitrinović, Dragoslav S.; ...
Main Fields: Difference and functional equations (39-XX); Real functions (26-XX); History and biography (01-XX)

Janic, Radovan R.

Published as:   Janic, R. R.; Janic, Radovan R.; Janić, R. R.; Janić, Radovan R.
Documents: 50 Publications indexed (1964–1998)
Co-Authors: Pečarić, Josip E.; Klamkin, Murray Seymour; Mitrovic, Zarko M.; ...
Main Fields: Real functions (26-XX); Difference and functional equations (39-XX); General and overarching topics; collections (00-XX); History and biography (01-XX)