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Zieschang, Hanna

Published as:   Zieschang, Hanna
Documents: 1 Publication indexed (1997)
Co-Authors: Rutz, Mechthild; Stein, Alexander A.
Main Fields:

Zieschang, Heiner

Published as:   Zieschang, H.; Zieschang, Heiner
Documents: 114 Publications indexed (1962–2014)
Co-Authors: Kudryavtseva, Elena A.; Gonçalves, Daciberg Lima; Collins, Donald J.; ...
Main Fields: Group theory and generalizations (20-XX); Manifolds and cell complexes (57-XX); Algebraic topology (55-XX)

Zieschang, Paul-Hermann

Published as:   Zieschang, P.-H.; Zieschang, Paul-Hermann
Documents: 37 Publications indexed (1983–2021)
Co-Authors: French, Christopher P.; Muzychuk, Mikhail E.; Hirasaka, Mitsugu; ...
Main Fields: Combinatorics (05-XX); Group theory and generalizations (20-XX)

Zieschang, Paul-Herrmann

Published as:   Zieschang, P.-H.; Zieschang, Paul-Herrmann
Documents: 4 Publications indexed (1988–1998)
Main Fields: Group theory and generalizations (20-XX); Combinatorics (05-XX)