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Deo, Naokant (ed.) et al., Mathematical analysis II: Optimisation, differential equations and graph theory. Proceedings of the international conference on recent advances in pure and applied mathematics 2018, ICRAPAM 2018, New Delhi, India, October 23–25, 2018. Dedicated to the memory of Prof. Niranjan Singh. Singapore: Springer. Springer Proc. Math. Stat. 307, 75-86 (2020).
MSC:  92D45 92D25
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Anguelov, Roumen (ed.) et al., Mathematical methods and models in biosciences. International conference BIOMATH 2017, Kruger Park, South Africa, June 25–30, 2017. Proceedings. Sofia: Biomath Forum (ISBN 978-619-7451-00-9/pbk; 978-619-7451-6/ebook). 81-99 (2018).
MSC:  92D30
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