Ray-based inversion accounting for scattering for biomedical ultrasound tomography. (English) Zbl 1478.78032


78A46 Inverse problems (including inverse scattering) in optics and electromagnetic theory
74A45 Theories of fracture and damage
74A05 Kinematics of deformation
76Q05 Hydro- and aero-acoustics
74J20 Wave scattering in solid mechanics
65K10 Numerical optimization and variational techniques
65M80 Fundamental solutions, Green’s function methods, etc. for initial value and initial-boundary value problems involving PDEs
65D25 Numerical differentiation
35J05 Laplace operator, Helmholtz equation (reduced wave equation), Poisson equation
92C55 Biomedical imaging and signal processing
94A08 Image processing (compression, reconstruction, etc.) in information and communication theory


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