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LPAR-22. 22nd international conference on logic for programming, artificial intelligence and reasoning, Awassa, Ethiopia, November 17–21, 2018. Selected papers. (English) Zbl 1407.68021
EPiC Series in Computing 57. Manchester: EasyChair. 666 p., open access (2018).

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From the preface: This volume contains the papers presented at LPAR-22: the 22nd International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning (LPAR-22), held 17th–21st November 2018, at the Haile Resort in Awassa, Ethiopia.
Following the call for papers, LPAR-22 received 84 abstracts, materializing into 70 submissions. Each submission received at least 3 reviews and the reviewer panel consisted of 38 Program Committee (PC) members. The PC was assisted by 94 additional reviewers and decided to accept 37 papers. In addition to the presentation of the regular papers, LPAR-22 included three invited talks: by Orna Kupferman (Hebrew University, Israel), Holger Hermanns (Saarland University, Germany), and Ben Goertzel (SingularityNET). LPAR-22 also included six short talks presenting further papers.
The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1398.68026].
Indexed articles:
Hermanns, Holger; Biewer, Sebastian; D’Argenio, Pedro R.; Köhl, Maximilian A., Verification, testing, and runtime monitoring of automotive exhaust emissions, 1-17 [Zbl 1415.68147]
Kupferman, Orna, Playing with the maximum-flow problem, 18-25 [Zbl 1415.68158]
Apt, Krzysztof; Grossi, Davide; van der Hoek, Wiebe, When are two gossips the same?, 36-55 [Zbl 1415.68215]
Asadi, Sepideh; Blicha, Martin; Fedyukovich, Grigory; Hyvärinen, Antti; Even-Mendoza, Karine; Sharygina, Natasha; Chockler, Hana, Function summarization modulo theories, 56-75 [Zbl 1415.68141]
Baader, Franz; Fernández Gil, Oliver; Marantidis, Pavlos, Matching in the description logic \(\mathcal{FL}_0\) with respect to general TBoxes, 76-94 [Zbl 1415.68216]
Baaz, Matthias; Lolic, Anela, Lyndon interpolation holds for the prenex \(\supset\) prenex fragment of Gödel logic, 95-110 [Zbl 1416.03011]
Bauer, Sabine; Jost, Steffen; Hofmann, Martin, Decidable inequalities over infinite trees, 111-130 [Zbl 1415.68059]
Bendík, Jaroslav; Černá, Ivana, Evaluation of domain agnostic approaches for enumeration of minimal unsatisfiable subsets, 131-142 [Zbl 1415.68184]
Boker, Udi, Why these automata types?, 143-163 [Zbl 1415.68122]
Bottesch, Ralph; Haslbeck, Max W.; Thiemann, René, A verified efficient implementation of the LLL basis reduction algorithm, 164-180 [Zbl 1409.68252]
Boudane, Abdelhamid; Jabbour, Said; Baddaoui, Badran; Sais, Lakhdar, Efficient SAT-based encodings of conditional cardinality constraints, 181-195 [Zbl 1415.68185]
Cassano, Valentin; Areces, Carlos; Castro, Pablo, Reasoning about prescription and description using prioritized default rules, 196-213 [Zbl 1415.68217]
Charatonik, Witold; Guskov, Yegor; Pratt-Hartmann, Ian; Witkowski, Piotr, Two-variable first-order logic with counting in forests, 214-232 [Zbl 1415.68110]
Chatterjee, Krishnendu; Dvořák, Wolfgang; Henzinger, Monika; Svozil, Alexander, Quasipolynomial set-based symbolic algorithms for parity games, 233-253 [Zbl 1415.68142]
Ciaffaglione, Alberto; Honsell, Furio; Lenisa, Marina; Scagnetto, Ivan, The involutions-as-principal types/application-as-unification analogy, 254-270 [Zbl 1416.03009]
Das, Anupam; Doumane, Amina; Pous, Damien, Left-handed completeness for Kleene algebra, via cyclic proofs, 271-289 [Zbl 1415.68124]
Davy, Guillaume; Feron, Eric; Garoche, Pierre-Loic; Henrion, Didier, Experiments in verification of linear model predictive control: automatic generation and formal verification of an interior point method algorithm, 290-306 [Zbl 1415.68143]
Dershowitz, Nachum; Jouannaud, Jean-Pierre, Graph path orderings, 307-325 [Zbl 1415.68116]
Dietz, Emmanuelle-Anna; Hölldobler, Steffen; Schwarz, Sibylle; Stefanus, Lim Yohanes, The weak completion semantics and equality, 326-342 [Zbl 1415.68220]
Faran, Rachel; Kupferman, Orna, LTL with arithmetic and its applications in reasoning about hierarchical systems, 343-362 [Zbl 1415.68144]
Farinier, Benjamin; David, Robin; Bardin, Sébastien; Lemerre, Matthieu, Arrays made simpler: an efficient, scalable and thorough preprocessing, 363-380 [Zbl 1415.68145]
Gleiss, Bernhard; Kovács, Laura; Robillard, Simon, Loop analysis by quantification over iterations, 381-399 [Zbl 1415.68146]
Hyvärinen, Antti E. J.; Marescotti, Matteo; Sadigova, Parvin; Chockler, Hana; Sharygina, Natasha, Lookahead-based SMT solving, 418-434 [Zbl 1415.68193]
Iosif, Radu; Serban, Cristina, A complete cyclic proof system for inductive entailments in first order logic, 435-453 [Zbl 1416.03027]
Janota, Mikoláš; Suda, Martin, Towards smarter MACE-style model finders, 454-470 [Zbl 1415.68194]
Jiang, Chuan; Ciardo, Gianfranco, Improving SAT-based bounded model checking for existential CTL through path reuse, 471-487 [Zbl 1415.68149]
Kupferman, Orna; Tamir, Tami, Alternating reachability games with behavioral and revenue objectives, 498-514 [Zbl 1415.68150]
López-Fraguas, Francisco J.; Montenegro, Manuel; Suárez-García, Gorka, Polymorphic success types for Erlang, 515-533 [Zbl 1415.68056]
Marescotti, Matteo; Hyvärinen, Antti E. J.; Sharygina, Natasha, SMTS: distributed, visualized constraint solving, 534-542 [Zbl 1415.68197]
Niu, Yue; Hoffmann, Jan, Automatic space bound analysis for functional programs with garbage collection, 543-563 [Zbl 1415.68058]
Rahli, Vincent; Cohen, Liron; Bickford, Mark, A verified theorem prover backend supported by a monotonic library, 564-582 [Zbl 1409.68262]
Rebola-Pardo, Adrián; Suda, Martin, A theory of satisfiability-preserving proofs in SAT solving, 583-603 [Zbl 1415.68203]
Rudolph, Sebastian; Šimkus, Mantas, The triguarded fragment of first-order logic, 604-619 [Zbl 1416.03008]
Sharma, Shubham; Gupta, Rahul; Roy, Subhajit; Meel, Kuldeep S., Knowledge compilation meets uniform sampling, 620-636 [Zbl 1415.68205]
Singal, Dhruv; Agarwal, Palak; Jhunjhunwala, Saket; Roy, Subhajit, Parse condition: symbolic encoding of LL(1) parsing, 637-655 [Zbl 1415.68120]
Yu, Cunxi; Yasin, Atif; Su, Tiankai; Mishchenko, Alan; Ciesielski, Maciej, Rewriting environment for arithmetic circuit verification, 656-666 [Zbl 1415.68151]
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