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Mathematical methods and models in biomedicine. (English) Zbl 1254.92046
Lecture Notes on Mathematical Modelling in the Life Sciences. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 978-1-4614-4177-9/pbk; 978-1-4614-4178-6/ebook). xi, 427 p. (2013).

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Indexed articles:
Graw, Frederik; Perelson, Alan S., Spatial aspects of HIV infection, 3-31 [Zbl 1345.92143]
Kim, Peter S.; Lee, Peter P.; Levy, Doron, Basic principles in modeling adaptive regulation and immunodominance, 33-57 [Zbl 1345.92092]
Maman, Yaakov; Agranovich, Alexandra; Shalit, Tal Vider; Louzoun, Yoram, Evolutionary principles in viral epitopes, 59-83 [Zbl 1345.92100]
Capasso, Vincenzo; Morale, Daniela, A multiscale approach leading to hybrid mathematical models for angiogenesis: the role of randomness, 87-115 [Zbl 1345.92032]
Munn, Lance L.; Kunert, Christian; Tyrrell, J. Alex, Modeling tumor blood vessel dynamics, 117-147 [Zbl 1345.92051]
Ramalho, Susana; Moura, Alexandra B.; Gambaruto, Alberto M.; Sequeira, Adélia, Influence of blood rheology and outflow boundary conditions in numerical simulations of cerebral aneurysms, 149-175 [Zbl 1345.92052]
Fasano, Antonio; Gandolfi, Alberto, The steady state of multicellular tumour spheroids: a modelling challenge, 179-202 [Zbl 1345.92076]
Hochman, Gili; Agur, Zvia, Deciphering fate decision in normal and cancer stem cells: mathematical models and their experimental verification, 203-232 [Zbl 1345.92054]
McDaniel, Joshua; Kostelich, Eric; Kuang, Yang; Nagy, John; Preul, Mark C.; Moore, Nina Z.; Matirosyan, Nikolay L., Data assimilation in brain tumor models, 233-262 [Zbl 1345.92080]
Billy, Frédérique; Clairambault, Jean; Fercoq, Olivier, Optimisation of cancer drug treatments using cell population dynamics, 265-309 [Zbl 1345.92074]
Ledzewicz, Urszula; d’Onofrio, Alberto; Schättler, Heinz, Tumor development under combination treatments with anti-angiogenic therapies, 311-337 [Zbl 1345.92078]
Marsh, Rebeccah E.; Tuszyński, Jack A., Saturable fractal pharmacokinetics and its applications, 339-366 [Zbl 1345.92068]
Tsygvintsev, Alexei; Marino, Simeone; Kirschner, Denise E., A mathematical model of gene therapy for the treatment of cancer, 367-385 [Zbl 1345.92081]
Friedman, Avner, Epidemiological models with seasonality, 389-410 [Zbl 1345.92140]
Ziyadi, Najat; Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz, Periodic incidence in a discrete-time SIS epidemic model, 411-427 [Zbl 1345.92161]

92C50 Medical applications (general)
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00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
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