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On the formalization of some results of context-free language theory. (English) Zbl 06625896
Väänänen, Jouko (ed.) et al., Logic, language, information, and computation. 23rd international workshop, WoLLIC 2016, Puebla, Mexico, August 16–19th, 2016. Proceedings. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-662-52920-1/pbk; 978-3-662-52921-8/ebook). Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9803, 338-357 (2016).
Summary: This work describes a formalization effort, using the Coq proof assistant, of fundamental results related to the classical theory of context-free grammars and languages. These include closure properties (union, concatenation and Kleene star), grammar simplification (elimination of useless symbols, inaccessible symbols, empty rules and unit rules), the existence of a Chomsky normal form for context-free grammars and the Pumping lemma for context-free languages. The result is an important set of libraries covering the main results of context-free language theory, with more than 500 lemmas and theorems fully proved and checked. This is probably the most comprehensive formalization of the classical context-free language theory in the Coq proof assistant done to the present date, and includes the important result that is the formalization of the Pumping lemma for context-free languages.
For the entire collection see [Zbl 1343.03002].

03B70 Logic in computer science
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