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Analytical study on dynamic responses of a curved beam subjected to three-directional moving loads. (English) Zbl 07166850
Summary: Considering the warping resistance, inertia force and moving three-directional loads, a more comprehensive set of governing equations for vertical, torsional, radial and axial motions of the curved beam are derived. The analytical solutions for vertical, torsional, radial and axial responses of the curved beam subjected to three-directional moving loads are obtained, using the Galerkin method to discretize the partial differential equations and the modal superposition method to decouple the ordinary differential equations. The analytical results are compared with the numerical integration and a published work to verify the validity of the proposed solutions. Effects of Galerkin truncation terms and damping ratio on solution convergence are also discussed. Considering first-mode and higher-mode truncation respectively, the conditions of resonance and cancellation are analyzed for vertical, torsional, radial and axial motions of the curved beam. Taking a curved bridge under passage of a vehicle as an example, the influences of system parameters, such as vehicle speed, braking acceleration, bridge curve radius, bridge span and bridge deck elastic modulus, on bridge midpoint vibration are explored. The proposed approach and results may be beneficial to enhance understanding the three-directional vehicle-induced dynamic responses of curved bridges. It is shown that when the axial motion, or the multiple moving loads are involved, the first-order truncation are not accurate enough and one should use higher-mode truncation to study the responses of curved beams. In addition, it is necessary to consider damping in the vibration study of curved beams.

74 Mechanics of deformable solids
70 Mechanics of particles and systems
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