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Document retrieval with one wildcard. (English) Zbl 1339.68073
Summary: In this paper we extend several well-known document listing problems to the case when documents contain a substring that approximately matches the query pattern. We study the scenario when the query string can contain a wildcard symbol that matches any alphabet symbol; all documents that match a query pattern with one wildcard must be enumerated. We describe a linear space data structure that reports all documents containing a substring \(P\) in \(O(| P | + \sigma \sqrt{\log \log \log n} + {\mathtt docc})\) time, where \(\sigma\) is the alphabet size and is the number of listed documents. We also describe a succinct solution for this problem, as well as a solution for an extension of this problem. Furthermore our approach enables us to obtain an \(O(n \sigma)\)-space data structure that enumerates all documents containing both a pattern \(P_1\) and a pattern \(P_2\) in the special case when \(P_1\) and \(P_2\) differ in one symbol.
68P20 Information storage and retrieval of data
68P05 Data structures
68W32 Algorithms on strings
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