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Compatibility complex for black hole spacetimes. (English) Zbl 07356546
Summary: The set of local gauge invariant quantities for linearized gravity on the Kerr spacetime presented by two of the authors (Aksteiner and Bäckdahl in Phys Rev Lett 121:051104, 2018) is shown to be complete. In particular, any gauge invariant quantity for linearized gravity on Kerr that is local and of finite order in derivatives can be expressed in terms of these gauge invariants and derivatives thereof. The proof is carried out by constructing a complete compatibility complex for the Killing operator, and demonstrating the equivalence of the gauge invariants from Aksteiner and Bäckdahl (Phys Rev Lett 121:051104, 2018) with the first compatibility operator from that complex.
70Sxx Classical field theories
83Cxx General relativity
58Jxx Partial differential equations on manifolds; differential operators
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