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An effective field theory for forward scattering and factorization violation. (English) Zbl 1390.81365
Summary: Starting with QCD, we derive an effective field theory description for forward scattering and factorization violation as part of the soft-collinear effective field theory (SCET) for high energy scattering. These phenomena are mediated by long distance Glauber gluon exchanges, which are static in time, localized in the longitudinal distance, where \(|t| \ll s\). In hard scattering, Glauber gluons can induce corrections which invalidate factorization. With SCET, Glauber exchange graphs can be calculated explicitly, and are distinct from graphs with soft, collinear, or ultrasoft gluons. We derive a complete basis of operators which describe the leading power effects of Glauber exchange. Key ingredients include regulating light-cone rapidity singularities and subtractions which prevent double counting. Our results include a novel all orders gauge invariant pure glue soft operator which appears between two collinear rapidity sectors. The 1-gluon Feynman rule for the soft operator coincides with the Lipatov vertex, but it also contributes to emissions with \(\geq 2\) soft gluons. Our Glauber operator basis is derived using tree level and one-loop matching calculations from full QCD to SCET. The rapidity RGE yields gluon Reggeization at the amplitude level, and gives the BFKL equation for the soft and collinear functions in the forward scattering cross section. We derive an explicit rule for when eikonalization is valid, and provide a direct connection to the picture of multiple Wilson lines crossing a shockwave. In hard scattering operators Glauber subtractions for soft and collinear loop diagrams ensure that we are not sensitive to the directions for soft and collinear Wilson lines. Conversely, certain Glauber interactions can be absorbed into these soft and collinear Wilson lines by taking them to be in specific directions. We also discuss criteria for factorization violation.

81T15 Perturbative methods of renormalization applied to problems in quantum field theory
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