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The effect of mechanical load-induced intraosseous pressure gradients on bone remodeling. (English) Zbl 1425.74321
Abali, Bilen Emek (ed.) et al., New achievements in continuum mechanics and thermodynamics. A tribute to Wolfgang H. Müller. Cham: Springer. Adv. Struct. Mater. 108, 29-49 (2019).
Summary: It is well established that changes in bone blood and interstitial fluid flows are associated with changes in the bone remodeling process. These flows in bone are a result not only of trans-cortical pressure gradients produced by vascular and hydro-static pressure, but also of mechanical loadings. Mechanical load-induced intraosseous pressure gradients may result in some fluid stimuli effects which, in turn, may enable bone cells to detect external mechanical signals. In this paper, the exploitation of a 2D continuum model based on classical poroelasticity is presented within a variational framework. The investigation is aimed at describing how mechanical actions can affect the remodeling process of a bone tissue. The focus is on the introduction of a physically motivated strain energy contribution aimed to take into account the presence of saturating fluid in the interconnected pores of bone tissue. The interaction with a bio-resorbable organic ceramic material like those used in bone graft implants is also considered in presented model. Numerical results are provided in a relevant exemplary case.
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74L15 Biomechanical solid mechanics
92C10 Biomechanics
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