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Effective categoricity of abelian \(p\)-groups. (English) Zbl 1177.03046
In this paper the authors investigate algorithmic properties of \(p\)-groups and their characters, providing a connection between equivalence structures and abelian \(p\)-groups. The main focus of the paper is the categoricity of abelian \(p\)-groups. It is shown that every computably categorical abelian \(p\)-group is relatively computably categorical. (A structure \({\mathcal A}\) is relatively categorical if for every structure \({\mathcal B}\) isomorphic to \({\mathcal A}\), there is an isomorphism that is computable relative to the atomic diagram of \({\mathcal B}\).) Studying \(\Delta_2^0\)-isomorphisms of abelian \(p\)-groups, the authors characterize those groups that are relatively \(\Delta_2^0\)-categorical. (A structure \({\mathcal A}\) is relatively \(\Delta_2^0\)-categorical if for every structure \({\mathcal B}\) isomorphic to \({\mathcal A}\), there is an isomorphism that is \(\Delta_2^0\)-relative to the atomic diagram of \({\mathcal B}\).) The paper contains also a list of open problems.

03D45 Theory of numerations, effectively presented structures
03C57 Computable structure theory, computable model theory
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