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Provable security. 13th international conference, ProvSec 2019, Cairns, QLD, Australia, October 1–4, 2019. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1425.94004
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11821. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-31918-2/pbk; 978-3-030-31919-9/ebook). xi, 382 p. (2019).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1398.94007].
Indexed articles:
Liu, Chao; Zheng, Zhongxiang; Jia, Keting; Tao, Limin, Identity-concealed authenticated encryption from ring learning with errors, 3-18 [Zbl 1426.94110]
Duong, Dung Hoang; Le, Huy Quoc; Roy, Partha Sarathi; Susilo, Willy, Lattice-based IBE with equality test in standard model, 19-40 [Zbl 1426.94094]
Terada, Shintaro; Yoneyama, Kazuki, Password-based authenticated key exchange from standard isogeny assumptions, 41-56 [Zbl 1426.94122]
Li, Kang; Au, Man Ho; Ho, Wang Hei; Wang, Yi Lei, An efficient conditional privacy-preserving authentication scheme for vehicular ad hoc networks using online/offline certificateless aggregate signature, 59-76 [Zbl 1426.94148]
Hirose, Shoichi; Shikata, Junji, History-free sequential aggregate MAC revisited, 77-93 [Zbl 1426.94105]
Wang, Zhipeng; Wu, Qianhong, A practical lattice-based sequential aggregate signature, 94-109 [Zbl 1426.94132]
Liu, Xueqiao; Li, Hongbo; Yang, Guomin; Susilo, Willy; Tonien, Joseph; Huang, Qiong, Towards enhanced security for certificateless public-key authenticated encryption with keyword search, 113-129 [Zbl 1426.94111]
Yamamoto, Hiroaki; Wachi, Yoshihiro; Fujiwara, Hiroshi, Space-efficient and secure substring searchable symmetric encryption using an improved DAWG, 130-148 [Zbl 1426.94134]
Ma, Sha; Huang, Qiong; Li, Ximing; Xiao, Meiyan, Plaintext-verifiably-checkable encryption, 149-166 [Zbl 1426.94116]
Pan, Dongxue; Liang, Bei; Li, Hongda; Ni, Peifang, Hierarchical functional signcryption: notion and construction, 167-185 [Zbl 1426.94119]
Fraser, Ashley; Quaglia, Elizabeth A.; Smyth, Ben, A critique of game-based definitions of receipt-freeness for voting, 189-205 [Zbl 1426.94098]
Nitaj, Abderrahmane; Susilo, Willy; Tonien, Joseph, Improved cryptanalysis of the KMOV elliptic curve cryptosystem, 206-221 [Zbl 1426.94118]
Zhang, Fangguo; Liu, Shengli, Solving ECDLP via list decoding, 222-244 [Zbl 1426.94140]
Xia, Zhe; Yang, Bo; Zhou, Yanwei; Zhang, Mingwu; Shen, Hua; Mu, Yi, Provably secure proactive secret sharing without the adjacent assumption, 247-264 [Zbl 1426.94152]
Yamashita, Kyosuke; Tibouchi, Mehdi; Abe, Masayuki, A coin-free oracle-based augmented black box framework, 265-272 [Zbl 1426.94135]
Lu, Zeming; Jiang, Zoe L.; Wu, Yulin; Wang, Xuan; Zhong, Yantao, A lattice-based anonymous distributed e-cash from Bitcoin, 275-287 [Zbl 1426.94114]
Tian, Haibo; Luo, Peiran; Su, Yinxue, A centralized digital currency system with rich functions, 288-302 [Zbl 1426.94125]
Yu, Bin; Kermanshahi, Shabnam Kasra; Sakzad, Amin; Nepal, Surya, Chameleon hash time-lock contract for privacy preserving payment channel networks, 303-318 [Zbl 1426.94138]
Zhou, Zhi; Chen, Xu, On-demand privacy preservation for cost-efficient edge intelligence model training, 321-329 [Zbl 1428.68046]
Fujioka, Atsushi; Takashima, Katsuyuki; Yoneyama, Kazuki, One-round authenticated group key exchange from isogenies, 330-338 [Zbl 1426.94099]
Liu, Yi; Liu, Zhen; Long, Yu; Liu, Zhiqiang; Gu, Dawu; Huan, Fei; Jia, Yanxue, Tumblebit\(++\): a comprehensive privacy protocol providing anonymity and amount-invisibility, 339-346 [Zbl 1426.94112]
Li, Xiang; Tian, Hui; Ning, Jianting, Secure online/offline attribute-based encryption for IoT users in cloud computing, 347-354 [Zbl 1426.94113]
Sardar, Laltu; Ruj, Sushmita, FSPVDsse: a forward secure publicly verifiable dynamic SSE scheme, 355-371 [Zbl 1426.94121]
Shi, Chaochen; Yu, Jiangshan, A hidden Markov model-based method for virtual machine anomaly detection, 372-380 [Zbl 1428.68045]
94-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to information and communication theory
94A60 Cryptography
94A62 Authentication, digital signatures and secret sharing
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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