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Web and internet economics. 12th international conference, WINE 2016, Montreal, Canada, December 11–14, 2016. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1352.68009
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10123. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-662-54109-8/pbk; 978-3-662-54110-4/ebook). xi, 482 p. (2016).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1326.68026].
Indexed articles:
Conitzer, Vincent, Computing equilibria with partial commitment, 1-14 [Zbl 1404.91002]
Czumaj, Artur; Deligkas, Argyrios; Fasoulakis, Michail; Fearnley, John; Jurdziński, Marcin; Savani, Rahul, Distributed methods for computing approximate equilibria, 15-28 [Zbl 1404.91003]
Deligkas, Argyrios; Fearnley, John; Savani, Rahul, Inapproximability results for approximate Nash equilibria, 29-43 [Zbl 1404.91004]
Chan, Hau; Jiang, Albert Xin; Leyton-Brown, Kevin; Mehta, Ruta, Multilinear games, 44-58 [Zbl 1404.91036]
Deng, Xiaotie; Feng, Zhe; Papadimitriou, Christos H., Power-law distributions in a two-sided market and net neutrality, 59-72 [Zbl 1406.91167]
Hoy, Darrell; Immorlica, Nicole; Lucier, Brendan, On-demand or spot? Selling the cloud to risk-averse customers, 73-86 [Zbl 1406.91219]
Wang, Weina; Ying, Lei; Zhang, Junshan, Buying data from privacy-aware individuals: the effect of negative payments, 87-101 [Zbl 1406.91238]
Anagnostopoulos, Aris; Cavallo, Ruggiero; Leonardi, Stefano; Sviridenko, Maxim, Bidding strategies for fantasy-sports auctions, 102-115 [Zbl 1406.91154]
Niazadeh, Rad; Wilkens, Christopher A., Competitive equilibria for non-quasilinear bidders in combinatorial auctions, 116-130 [Zbl 1406.91189]
Feldman, Michal; Lucier, Brendan; Nisan, Noam, Correlated and coarse equilibria of single-item auctions, 131-144 [Zbl 1406.91173]
Anshelevich, Elliot; Kar, Koushik; Sekar, Shreyas, Pricing to maximize revenue and welfare simultaneously in large markets, 145-159 [Zbl 1406.91140]
Goldner, Kira; Karlin, Anna R., A prior-independent revenue-maximizing auction for multiple additive bidders, 160-173 [Zbl 1406.91177]
Thirumulanathan, D.; Sundaresan, Rajesh; Narahari, Y., Optimal mechanism for selling two items to a single buyer having uniformly distributed valuations, 174-187 [Zbl 1406.91192]
Tzamos, Christos; Wilkens, Christopher A., Anonymous auctions maximizing revenue, 188-206 [Zbl 1406.91194]
Colini-Baldeschi, Riccardo; Leonardi, Stefano; Zhang, Qiang, Revenue maximizing envy-free pricing in matching markets with budgets, 207-220 [Zbl 1406.91276]
Fotakis, Dimitris; Gourvès, Laurent; Monnot, Jérôme, Conference program design with single-peaked and single-crossing preferences, 221-235 [Zbl 1406.91115]
Caragiannis, Ioannis; Filos-Ratsikas, Aris; Frederiksen, Søren Kristoffer Stiil; Hansen, Kristoffer Arnsfelt; Tan, Zihan, Truthful facility assignment with resource augmentation: an exact analysis of serial dictatorship, 236-250 [Zbl 1406.91275]
Kong, Yuqing; Ligett, Katrina; Schoenebeck, Grant, Putting peer prediction under the micro(economic)scope and making truth-telling focal, 251-264 [Zbl 1406.91237]
Anshelevich, Elliot; Sekar, Shreyas, Truthful mechanisms for matching and clustering in an ordinal world, 265-278 [Zbl 1406.91273]
Barthe, Gilles; Gaboardi, Marco; Arias, Emilio Jesús Gallego; Hsu, Justin; Roth, Aaron; Strub, Pierre-Yves, Computer-aided verification for mechanism design, 279-293 [Zbl 1404.91037]
Hoefer, Martin; Kesselheim, Thomas; Kodric, Bojana, Smoothness for simultaneous composition of mechanisms with admission, 294-308 [Zbl 1404.91025]
Albers, Susanne; Kraft, Dennis, Motivating time-inconsistent agents: a computational approach, 309-323 [Zbl 1415.90005]
Skowron, Piotr, FPT approximation schemes for maximizing submodular functions, 324-338 [Zbl 1380.68448]
Brunsch, Tobias; Etscheid, Michael; Röglin, Heiko, Bounds for the convergence time of local search in scheduling problems, 339-353 [Zbl 1414.90148]
Freeman, Rupert; Haney, Samuel; Panigrahi, Debmalya, On the price of stability of undirected multicast games, 354-368 [Zbl 1404.91052]
Nath, Swaprava; Sandholm, Tuomas, Efficiency and budget balance, 369-383 [Zbl 1406.91086]
Fain, Brandon; Goel, Ashish; Munagala, Kamesh, The core of the participatory budgeting problem, 384-399 [Zbl 1406.91137]
Blumrosen, Liad; Mizrahi, Yehonatan, Approximating gains-from-trade in bilateral trading, 400-413 [Zbl 1406.91253]
Amanatidis, Georgios; Birmpas, Georgios; Markakis, Evangelos, Coverage, matching, and beyond: new results on budgeted mechanism design, 414-428 [Zbl 1406.91153]
Goyal, Sanjeev; Jabbari, Shahin; Kearns, Michael; Khanna, Sanjeev; Morgenstern, Jamie, Strategic network formation with attack and immunization, 429-443 [Zbl 1404.91055]
Bilò, Vittorio; Fanelli, Angelo; Moscardelli, Luca, Opinion formation games with dynamic social influences, 444-458 [Zbl 1404.91043]
Schoenebeck, Grant; Yu, Fang-Yi, Complex contagions on configuration model graphs with a power-law degree distribution, 459-472 [Zbl 1406.91325]

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