Steady-state solutions of transmission line equations. (English) JFM 67.0892.03

Summary: Methods of obtaining the steady state voltages and currents in a uniform transmission line consisting of several parallel wires are described in Part I. This line may or may not be acted upon by an externally impressed field distributed along its length. A square matrix \(\Gamma\), which is a generalization of the propagation constant \(\gamma\) for a single circuit, is introduced. Matrix expressions obtained for the voltages and currents involve \(\Gamma\) in much the same way as the corresponding single circuit expressions involve \(\gamma\). In Part II similar methods are described for obtaining the voltages and currents in a transmission line composed of a number of multi-terminal symmetrical sections connected in tandem. Expressions for the voltages and currents in a line composed of unsymmetrical sections are also given. These sections may or may not contain generators.
For a review see JFM 67.1119.04 or Zbl 0028.33202.


94C05 Analytic circuit theory
78A25 Electromagnetic theory (general)
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