Advances in continuum mechanics. 39 papers from international experts. Dedicated to Horst Lippmann on the occasion of his 60th birthday. (English) Zbl 0744.73004

Berlin etc.: Springer-Verlag. xxii, 499 p. (1991).
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The book is a collection of almost 40 papers of different authors dedicated to Horst Lippmann on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday on Mai 7, 1991. The list of the authors assambles an impressive selection of researchers in continuum mechanics, most of them within the context of plasticity. It reads like a ‘Who is who’ of modern material researchers not only from Germany, but many other countries. And it is noteworthy, that especially the eastern european countries are well represented.
The editors placed a list of publications of H. Lippmann at the beginning, which tells us more about the profound and versatile work of Lippmann than any preface could do.
The first contribution to this volume was given by Theodor Lehmann, presumedly short time before his sudden death in August 1991. Thus, the book occasionally became also an item pro memoria for Lehmann, the other great researcher and mentor of plasticity theory in Germany after the war. The title is an understatement: Some remarks on the phenomenological description of anisotropic behaviour of elastic-plastic solids. Instead, it is a basic theoretical summary of problems, which are actually discussed in the plasticity community, many of them detected and solved by the same author.
There is not space enough in this publication to give reference to all of the contributions in this book, although most of them give very recent and important ideas and suggestions in their various fields. We are just able to mention some of the mainstreams in the presented theories.
Metal plasticity is one of the key topics in the book (see Günther, Pawelski/Hop/Hagedorn, Steck, Szczepinski, Boehler/Koss, Ikegami/Niitsu, Shima/Oka, Haupt, and others). Müller and Tanaka consider models to describe shape memory effects in alloys, Inoue/Ju casting processes. Recently topics like failure, fracture, localization, bifurcation, etc. have attracted much attention (see Leckie/Lemaitre, Bazant, Knops, Steinmann/Willam, Thermann, a.o.). Apart from metals, also porous and granular media are considered (de Boer, Collins, Gudehus/Tejman). From theoretical point of view, anisotropic plasticity is treated in several papers (Lehmann, Betten, Boehler/Koss, and others), as well as micropolar media (Besdo, Steinmann/Willam). Although the dominating part deals with plasticity theory and applications, elasticity (Bednarczyk/Sansour, Knops, Grundmann/Konrad/Zirwas) and viscoelasticity (Laermann) can be found as well as numerical considerations (Stein/Müller-Hoeppe, Kaliszky/Vásárhelyi/Lógó).
All in all an interesting collection of recent results and insights.
Reviewer: A.Bertram (Berlin)


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