Progress in industrial mathematics at ECMI 2008. Proceedings of the 15th European conference on mathematics for industry, London, UK, June 30 - July 4, 2008. (English) Zbl 1197.00055

Mathematics in Industry 15. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-12109-8/hbk; 978-3-642-12110-4/ebook). xxi, 1083 p. (2010).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (14, 2006) has been reviewed (see [Zbl 1124.00010]).
Indexed articles:
Doblaré, M.; García-Aznar, J. M., Modelling living tissues: mechanical and mechanobiological aspects, 3-8 [Zbl 1221.92014]
Primicerio, Mario, Wax segregation in oils: a multiscale problem, 43-67 [Zbl 1219.80130]
Platte, R. B.; Trefethen, L. N., Chebfun: A new kind of numerical computing, 69-87 [Zbl 1220.65100]
Dehesa, J. S.; López-Rosa, S.; Martínez-Finkelshtein, A.; Yáñez, R. J., Asymptotics of orthogonal-polynomial functionals and Shannon information entropy of Rydberg atoms, 93-98 [Zbl 1221.81200]
Dominici, Diego, Asymptotic analysis of the zeros of Hermite polynomials, 99-103 [Zbl 1220.33007]
López, J. L.; Pérez Sinusía, E.; Temme, N. M., The error function in the study of singularly perturbed convection-diffusion problems with discontinuous boundary data, 105-110 [Zbl 1225.35017]
Akhmetov, Denis R.; Lavrentiev, Mikhail M. jun.; Spigler, Renato, Singular perturbations of parabolic equations with or without boundary layers, 111-116 [Zbl 1221.35041]
Gil, Amparo; Segura, Javier; Temme, Nico, The asymptotic inversion of certain cumulative distribution functions, 117-122 [Zbl 1220.65013]
Graham, C.; Robert, Ph., A multi-class mean-field model with graph structure for TCP flows, 125-131 [Zbl 1219.68026]
Romano, V., The equilibrium Wigner function in the case of nonparabolic energy bands, 135-140 [Zbl 1221.82091]
Bonilla, L. L.; Barletti, L.; Alvaro, M., Nonlinear electron and spin transport in semiconductor superlattices, 141-146 [Zbl 1221.82130]
Carretero, M.; Bonilla, L. L.; Escobedo, R.; Platero, G., Self-sustained spin-polarized current oscillations in multiquantum well structures, 147-152 [Zbl 1221.82131]
Platero, Gloria; Iñarrea, Jesús; López-Monís, Carlos, Spin dynamics in quantum dots, 153-158 [Zbl 1221.82090]
Escobedo, R.; Carretero, M.; Bonilla, L. L.; Platero, G., Relocation dynamics during voltage switching in spin-polarized superlattices, 159-165 [Zbl 1221.82135]
Rezgui, D.; Lowenberg, M.; Bunniss, P., A combined numerical/experimental continuation approach applied to nonlinear rotor dynamics, 169-174 [Zbl 1308.70040]
Rankin, J.; Krauskopf, B.; Lowenberg, M.; Coetzee, E., Operational parameter study of an aircraft turning on the ground, 175-180 [Zbl 1308.93175]
Krauskopf, B.; Thota, P.; Lowenberg, M., Geometric nonlinearities of aircraft systems, 181-186 [Zbl 1308.93173]
Coetzee, E., Application of nonlinear dynamics in civil aerospace, 187-192 [Zbl 1308.93166]
Hunt, Julian; Bishop, Steven; Timoshkina, Yulia, Systems approaches for critical decisions, 197-202 [Zbl 1221.82047]
Angulo, Jesús, Nucleus modelling and segmentation in cell clusters, 217-222 [Zbl 1308.92016]
Rohr, K.; Godinez, W. J.; Harder, N.; Yang, S.; Kim, I.-H.; Wörz, S.; Eils, R., Tracking and registration for multidimensional biomedical image analysis, 229-234 [Zbl 1308.94021]
Culpo, Massimiliano; de Falco, Carlo; O’Riordan, Eugene, Patches of finite elements for singularly-perturbed diffusion reaction equations with discontinuous coefficients, 235-240 [Zbl 1221.65303]
Charpin, J. P. F.; Verdin, P., Multi-stepping and anti-icing/de-icing devices, 247-252 [Zbl 1308.76003]
Mackey, Dana; Babeva, T.; Naydenova, Izabela; Toal, Vincent, A diffusion model for spatially dependent photopolymerization, 253-258 [Zbl 1221.82158]
Voropayev, S. I.; Fernando, H. J. S., Wakes of maneuvering body in stratified fluids, 261-266 [Zbl 1308.76096]
Hunt, J. C. R.; Eames, I.; Westerweel, J., Eddy dynamics near sharp interfaces and in straining flows, 267-272 [Zbl 1308.76152]
Klettner, C. A.; Eames, I.; Hunt, J. C. R.; Fernando, H. J. S., Evolution and run-up of tsunamis, 273-278 [Zbl 1308.76037]
Flór, J. B.; Hopfinger, E. H.; Guyez, E., Interfacial mixing by horizontal vortices and shear turbulence, 279-284 [Zbl 1308.76140]
Bredies, Kristian; Alexandrov, Theodore; Decker, Jens; Lorenz, Dirk A.; Thiele, Herbert, Sparse deconvolution for peak picking and ion charge estimation in mass spectrometry, 287-292 [Zbl 1220.78067]
Niebsch, Jenny; Ramlau, Ronny, Mathematical imbalance determination from vibrational measurements and industrial applications, 293-298 [Zbl 1308.74077]
Pike, Roy, An update of Hopkins’ analysis of the optical disc player using singular-system theory, 299-303 [Zbl 1220.78076]
Borries, C., The application of wavelet analysis for the detection of planetary wave type oscillations in the ionospheric total electron content, 305-310 [Zbl 1221.85016]
Teschke, G.; Lehmann, V., Statistical significance of Gabor frames expansions: simple filtering principles for radar wind profiler data, 311-316 [Zbl 1221.94023]
Striebel, Michael; Bartel, Andreas; Günther, Michael, Domain decomposition based multirating and its perspective in circuit simulation, 319-325 [Zbl 1220.65106]
Savcenco, V.; Mattheij, R. M. M., Multirate numerical integration for Stiff ODEs, 327-332 [Zbl 1220.65094]
Verhoeven, A.; ter Maten, E. J. W.; Dohmen, J. J.; Tasić, B.; Mattheij, R. M. M., Terminal current interpolation for multirate time integration of hierarchical IC models, 333-339 [Zbl 1220.65107]
Constantinescu, Emil M.; Sandu, Adrian, On extrapolated multirate methods, 341-347 [Zbl 1220.65087]
Holden, Arun V.; Gilbert, Stephen H.; Benson, Alan P., Is geometry or dynamics more important in cardiac arrhythmogenesis?, 349-354 [Zbl 1308.92015]
Franzone, P. Colli; Pavarino, L. F.; Scacchi, S.; Taccardi, B., A bidomain numerical validation for assessing times of fast and ending repolarization from monophasic action potentials, 355-361 [Zbl 1308.92057]
Seemann, G.; Sachse, F. B.; Karl, M.; Weiss, D. L.; Heuveline, V.; Dössel, O., Framework for modular, flexible and efficient solving the cardiac bidomain equations using PETSc, 363-369 [Zbl 1228.92015]
Weiser, M.; Erdmann, B.; Deuflhard, P., On efficiency and accuracy in cardioelectric simulation, 371-376 [Zbl 1308.92008]
Whiteley, J. P., Computational and numerical methods for the efficient and accurate solution of the bidomain equations, 377-382 [Zbl 1308.92009]
Argaud, J. P.; Bouriquet, B.; Erhard, P.; Massart, S.; Ricci, S., Data assimilation in nuclear power plant core, 401-406 [Zbl 1221.82160]
Dubroca, Bruno; Frank, Martin, An iterative method for transport equations in radiotherapy, 407-412 [Zbl 1308.92048]
Frank, Martin; Herty, Michael, Boundary control of radiative transfer equations for application in radiotherapy planning, 413-418 [Zbl 1308.92049]
Pinnau, R.; Thömmes, G., Model hierarchies and optimal control of radiative transfer, 419-424 [Zbl 1222.85009]
Verhoeven, A.; Striebel, M.; Rommes, J.; ter Maten, E. J. W.; Bechtold, T., Proper orthogonal decomposition model order reduction of nonlinear IC models, 441-446 [Zbl 1227.94087]
De Tommasi, Luciano; Gorissen, Dirk; Croon, Jeroen A.; Dhaene, Tom, Surrogate modeling of RF circuit blocks, 447-452 [Zbl 1220.78070]
Castillo, J. L.; Rodríguez-Pérez, D.; Martín, S.; Perea, A.; García-Ybarra, P. L., Structure of granular deposits formed by aerosol particles conveyed by fluid streams, 455-461 [Zbl 1308.76288]
Farjoun, Yossi, Creation of clusters via a thermal quench, 463-468 [Zbl 1219.80103]
Neu, J. C.; Carpio, A.; Bonilla, L. L., Theory of surface deposition from boundary layers containing condensable vapor and particles, 469-474 [Zbl 1219.80106]
Scarf, P.; Shi, X.; Akhtar, S., Modelling batting strategy in test cricket, 481-489 [Zbl 1238.00003]
Hömberg, D.; Rott, O., Modelling, analysis and stability of milling processes including workpiece effects, 493-498 [Zbl 1308.74036]
Blum, H.; Rademacher, A., Adaptive finite element discretisation of the spindle grinding wheel system, 499-504 [Zbl 1308.74142]
Steinbrecher, Andreas, Optimal control of robot guided laser material treatment, 505-511 [Zbl 1308.93159]
Göttlich, S.; Herty, M.; Ringhofer, Ch., Time-dependent order and distribution policies in supply networks, 521-526 [Zbl 1217.90042]
Donner, R.; Padberg, K.; Höfener, J.; Helbing, D., Dynamics of supply chains under mixed production strategies, 527-533 [Zbl 1217.90094]
Navoret, Laurent; Bon, Richard; Degond, Pierre; Gautrais, Jacques; Sanchez, David; Theraulaz, Guy, Analogies between social interaction models and supply chains, 535-540 [Zbl 1217.91163]
Laumanns, M., Computing the value of transshipment flexibility in distribution networks, 541-546 [Zbl 1217.90043]
Rauh, Andreas; Minisini, Johanna; Hofer, Eberhard P., Verification techniques for sensitivity analysis and design of controllers for nonlinear dynamical systems with uncertainties, 549-555 [Zbl 1217.93057]
Enszer, Joshua A.; Stadtherr, Mark A., Verified solution of nonlinear dynamic models in epidemiology, 557-562 [Zbl 1228.92063]
Freihold, Mareile; Rauh, Andreas; Hofer, Eberhard P., Physically motivated constraints for efficient interval simulations applied to the analysis of uncertain models of blood cell dynamics, 563-569 [Zbl 1308.92017]
Tändl, M.; Stark, T.; Kecskeméthy, A., Application of MOBILE for accurate bone motion reconstruction using motion-measurements and MRI measurements, 571-576 [Zbl 1228.92009]
Auer, E., Toward verified modelling and simulation of closed loop systems in SMARTMOBILE, 577-582 [Zbl 1308.70002]
Pepy, R.; Kieffer, M.; Walter, E., Reliably safe path planning using interval analysis, 583-588 [Zbl 1308.93154]
Marheineke, Nicole; Wegener, Raimund, General string theory for dynamic curved viscida with surface tension, 591-596 [Zbl 1308.76104]
Uddin, J.; Decent, S. P., Instability of non-Newtonian liquid jets curved by gravity, 597-602 [Zbl 1308.76012]
Götz, T.; Selvanayagam, K., Simulation and optimization of film casting processes, 603-609 [Zbl 1308.76014]
Yatim, Y. M.; Wilson, S. K.; Duffy, B. R.; Hunt, R., Similarity solutions for unsteady rivulets, 617-622 [Zbl 1308.76030]
Beltrame, P.; Hänggi, P.; Knobloch, E.; Thiele, U., Depinning of 2D and 3D droplets blocked by a hydrophobic defect, 623-629 [Zbl 1308.76078]
Brandell, G., Why teach mathematical modelling?, 633-638 [Zbl 1221.00040]
Miidla, P., Differential equations in the ECMIMIM curriculum, 639-644 [Zbl 1221.00045]
Bracke, M., Modelling reality: Motivate your students!, 647-652 [Zbl 1221.00039]
Schmidt, K.; Rattleff, P.; Hussmann, P. M., The impact of CAS use in introductory engineering mathematics, 653-659 [Zbl 1221.00047]
Boon, M. A. A.; Di Bucchianico, A.; Rijpkema, J. J. M.; van Berkum, E. E. M., Statlab: an interactive teaching tool for DOE, 663-668 [Zbl 1279.97014]
Larsen, P. V.; Rootzén, H., Statmaster and HEROS: web-based courses first and second generation, 669-674 [Zbl 1279.97013]
Tepavčević, A.; Heilio, M., University network of virtual education in Serbia, 675-680 [Zbl 1221.00049]
Masanja, Verdiana Grace, Introducing eLearning in industrial mathematics in Tanzania and Rwanda, 681-687 [Zbl 1221.00043]
Alvarez-Vázquez, L. J.; García-Chan, N.; Martínez, A.; Vázquez-Méndez, M. E., Management of several purifying plants in the same area: a multi-objective optimal control problem, 691-696 [Zbl 1220.65073]
Amer, R.; Giménez, J. M., Vector space of cooperative games: construction of basis related with solutions based on marginal contributions and determination of games with predefined allocations, 697-702 [Zbl 1217.91026]
Amer, R.; Giménez, J. M.; Magaña, A., Introduction of measurement rules on the nodes of oriented structures by using concepts of game theory, 703-708 [Zbl 1217.91156]
Arévalo, C.; Kulkarni, Y.; Ariza, M. P.; Ortiz, M.; Knap, J.; Marian, J., Quasicontinuum method at finite temperature applied to the study of nanovoids evolution in fcc crystals, 709-714 [Zbl 1228.82085]
Bendali, A.; Tizaoui, A.; Tordeux, S.; Vila, J. P., Second-order asymptotic expansion for an eigenvalue set in domain with small iris, 715-720 [Zbl 1220.65158]
Berg, P., Mathematical modelling of fuel cells, 721-726 [Zbl 1219.80131]
Bernal, Francisco; Kindelan, Manuel, Meshless solution of singular potential flows in strong formulation, 727-732 [Zbl 1308.76160]
Berre, Inga; Lien, Martha; Mannseth, Trond, Estimation of a piecewise constant function using reparameterized level-set functions, 733-737 [Zbl 1220.65065]
Campos, L. M. B. C.; Gil, P. J. S., On the trajectory of rockets in the atmosphere, 739-745 [Zbl 1308.70044]
Campos, L. M. B. C.; Marques, J. M. G., On aircraft response and control during a wake encounter, 747-752 [Zbl 1308.76094]
Campos, L. M. B. C.; Marques, J. M. G., On alternative safety metrics for the probability of the collision between aircraft, 753-758 [Zbl 1217.90052]
Carretero, M.; Bonilla, L. L.; Keller, J. B., Homogeneous branched-chain explosions, 759-764 [Zbl 1219.80117]
Chauvin, C.; Bernardin, F.; Bossy, M.; Rousseau, A., Wind simulation refinement: some new challenges for particle methods, 765-770 [Zbl 1308.76218]
Čiegis, R.; Laukaitytė, I.; Trofimov, V., Parallel numerical algorithm for simulation of counter propagation of two laser beams, 771-776 [Zbl 1220.78085]
Curtis, John P.; Smith, Frank T.; Ye, Xiang, Modelling burglaries in streets, 777-783 [Zbl 1217.91159]
Defez, E.; Tung, M. M.; Ibañez, J.; Hervás, A., Approximate numerical solutions of autonomous second-order matrix models using cubic matrix splines, 785-790 [Zbl 1220.65089]
Draief, M.; Ganesh, A., Spread of epidemics and rumours with mobile agents, 797-802 [Zbl 1308.92099]
Dumitrache, A.; Dumitrescu, H.; Frunzulica, F., A two-layer algebraic turbulence model for compressible flow in turbomachinery cascade, 803-809 [Zbl 1308.76004]
Dumitrescu, H.; Dumitrache, A.; Cardos, V., Aerodynamic and aeroacoustic analysis of a HAWT in yaw, 811-817 [Zbl 1308.76244]
Edwards, Michael G.; Zheng, Hongwen, Quasi-positive continuous Darcy-flux finite-volume methods, 819-824 [Zbl 1308.76184]
Fang, F.; Oosterlee, C. W., Pricing options under stochastic volatility with Fourier-cosine series expansions, 833-838 [Zbl 1217.91181]
Farber, M., Topology and motion planning algorithms in robotics, 839-844 [Zbl 1308.68131]
Freixas, Josep; Pons, Montserrat, Some hints on finding the most important components in a system, 845-850 [Zbl 1308.90055]
Frunzulica, F.; Dumitrescu, H.; Dumitrache, A.; Cardos, V., An advanced aeroelastic model for horizontal axis wind turbines, 851-856 [Zbl 1308.74041]
Guseynov, Sh. E.; Rimshans, J. S.; Kobasko, N. I., On one nonlinear mathematical model for intensive steel quenching and its analytical solution in closed form, 857-862 [Zbl 1219.80047]
Harper, S. A.; McKibbin, R.; Wake, G. C., An advection-dispersion model for spray droplet transport including interception by a shelterbelt, 869-874 [Zbl 1308.76080]
van Heerbeek, P. A.; van Gijzen, M. B.; Vuik, C.; de la Fonteijne, M. R., Numerical modelling of a pulse combustion burner: limiting conditions of stable operation, 875-880 [Zbl 1219.80128]
Herrero, H.; Pla, F., Optimal control of buoyant flows with temperature-dependent viscosity, 881-886 [Zbl 1308.76117]
Istratie, V., Minimum time optimal rendezvous on circular and elliptical orbits, 887-892 [Zbl 1308.70046]
Izquierdo, J.; Montalvo, I.; Perez, R.; Tung, M. M.; Tavera, M., Distributed particle swarm intelligence for optimization in the water industry, 893-898 [Zbl 1221.65142]
Karamehmedović, M.; Sørensen, M.-P.; Hansen, P.-E.; Lavrinenko, A., Application of the method of auxiliary sources in optical diffraction microscopy, 899-905 [Zbl 1220.78052]
Kindelan, Manuel; Bernal, Francisco, Radial Basis Function (RBF) solution of the Motz problem, 907-912 [Zbl 1218.65137]
Knauer, M.; Büskens, C., Bilevel optimization of container cranes, 913-918 [Zbl 1220.65076]
Knauer, M.; Büskens, C., Optimization of satellite constellations, 919-924 [Zbl 1221.85009]
Kolb, O.; Domschke, P.; Lang, J., Moving penalty functions for optimal control with PDEs on networks, 925-931 [Zbl 1220.65077]
Krawiec, P., Numerical analysis of geometrical characteristics of machine elements obtained with CMM scanning, 933-938 [Zbl 1220.65022]
Malujda, I., Plastic yield of particulate materials under the effect of temperature, 939-944 [Zbl 1221.80007]
Mercer, Geoffry N.; Sweatman, Winston L.; Forster, W. Alison, A model for spray droplet adhesion, bounce or shatter at a crop leaf surface, 945-951 [Zbl 1308.76081]
Mounce, Richard, Optimisation through control in static and dynamic traffic networks, 953-958 [Zbl 1217.90057]
van Overveld, Kees, The science of desire: a systematic approach to mathematical modeling, 959-964 [Zbl 1221.00060]
Panizzi, L.; Fasano, A.; Hömberg, D., Modeling, analysis and simulations of case hardening of steel, 965-970 [Zbl 1279.74030]
Pezza, V.; Pezza, B.; Pezza, E.; Pezza, L.; Curione, M.; Sanguigni, V., Surface recording of His-Purkinje activity by one-beat wavelet analysis in atrial fibrillation and flutter, 971-976 [Zbl 1308.94029]
Podolski, T.; Kroczak, J., Application of FEM in analysis of spigot joint contact problems, 977-981 [Zbl 1308.74154]
Popescu, E., Fractional Cauchy problem with applications to anomalous diffusion, 983-989 [Zbl 1225.35113]
Popescu, N. A.; Popescu, E., Multi-scale modeling of the interplanetary magnetic field, 991-996 [Zbl 1221.85022]
Rasmussen, A. R.; Sørensen, M. P.; Gaididei, Yu. B.; Christiansen, P. L., Analytical and numerical modelling of thermoviscous shocks and their interactions in nonlinear fluids including dissipation, 997-1002 [Zbl 1308.76249]
Rodean, S.; Arghir, M., Study on development of the seated human body system exposed to vehicular ride vibration environment, 1003-1009 [Zbl 1308.74107]
Rojas, M.; Abraham, Y. B.; Holzwarth, N. A. W.; Plemmons, R. J., Surrogate modeling for geometry optimization, 1011-1016 [Zbl 1219.81274]
Sieniutycz, Stanislaw, Variational optimization of power yield in industrial systems, 1017-1025 [Zbl 1221.80024]
Silva, Jacques A. L.; Pereira, Edgar, An age-dependent metapopulation model, 1027-1032 [Zbl 1308.92089]
Stewart, A. L.; Dellar, P. J., Two-layer shallow water equations with complete Coriolis force and topography, 1033-1038 [Zbl 1308.76302]
Sweatman, Winston L.; Pritchard, Geoff; Whiten, Bill; Camden, Mike; Kim, Nan, Optimising for wind power contributions in an electricity grid, 1039-1045 [Zbl 1220.78079]
Thyagaraja, A.; Knight, P. J., A novel solution method for Tokamak plasma force balance, 1047-1052 [Zbl 1308.76243]
Tung, M. M.; Hervás, A., A differential-geometric approach to model isotropic diffusion on circular conic surfaces in uniform rotation, 1053-1059 [Zbl 1308.58016]
Wilson, P. L.; Meyer, J., A general model of lung tumour motion, 1061-1066 [Zbl 1402.92259]
Wilson, P. L.; Takagi, S.; Huang, H., The lipid bilayer at the mesoscale: a physical continuum model, 1067-1072 [Zbl 1402.92034]
Ziółko, M.; Gałka, J.; Drwiega, T., Wavelet transform in speech segmentation, 1073-1078 [Zbl 1220.65191]


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