SOFSEM 2010: Theory and practice of computer science. 36th conference on current trends in theory and practice of computer science, Špindlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic, January 23–29, 2010. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1180.68007

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5901. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-11265-2/pbk). xv, 780 p. (2010).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1154.68020].
Indexed articles:
Abdulla, Parosh Aziz, Forcing monotonicity in parameterized verification: from multisets to words, 1-15 [Zbl 1274.68171]
Železný, Filip; Kuželka, Ondřej, Taming the complexity of inductive logic programming, 132-140 [Zbl 1274.68282]
Aceto, Luca; Ingolfsdottir, Anna; Mousavi, MohammadReza; Reniers, Michel A., A rule format for unit elements, 141-152 [Zbl 1274.68169]
Antoniadis, Antonios; Lingas, Andrzej, Approximability of edge matching puzzles, 153-164 [Zbl 1274.68135]
Babenko, Maxim A.; Kolesnichenko, Ignat I.; Razenshteyn, Ilya P., A linear time algorithm for finding three edge-disjoint paths in Eulerian networks, 165-175 [Zbl 1274.05447]
Bille, Philip; Gørtz, Inge Li, Fast arc-annotated subsequence matching in linear space, 188-199 [Zbl 1274.68699]
de Boer, Frank S.; Grabe, Immo, Automated deadlock detection in synchronized reentrant multithreaded call-graphs, 200-211 [Zbl 1274.68084]
Bodlaender, Hans L.; Comas, Marc, A kernel for convex recoloring of weighted forests, 212-223 [Zbl 1274.68136]
Bollig, Beate, Symbolic OBDD-based reachability analysis needs exponential space, 224-234 [Zbl 1274.68087]
Capobianco, Silvio, On pattern density and sliding block code behavior for the Besicovitch and Weyl pseudo-distances, 259-270 [Zbl 1274.37008]
Chatti, Hatem; Gourvès, Laurent; Monnot, Jérôme, On a labeled vehicle routing problem, 271-282 [Zbl 1274.90450]
Courtieu, Pierre; Gbedo, Gladys; Pons, Olivier, Improved matrix interpretation, 283-295 [Zbl 1274.68148]
Crochemore, Maxime; Iliopoulos, Costas S.; Kubica, Marcin; Rytter, Wojciech; Waleń, Tomasz, Efficient algorithms for two extensions of LPF table: the power of suffix arrays, 296-307 [Zbl 1274.68670]
Diks, Krzysztof; Stanczyk, Piotr, Perfect matching for biconnected cubic graphs in \(O(n \log ^{2} n)\) time, 321-333 [Zbl 1274.68671]
Duris, David, Destructive rule-based properties and first-order logic, 334-345 [Zbl 1274.68182]
Even, Guy; Medina, Moti, Parallel randomized load balancing: a lower bound for a more general model, 358-369 [Zbl 1274.68132]
Fearnley, John; Jurdziński, Marcin; Savani, Rahul, Linear complementarity algorithms for infinite games, 382-393 [Zbl 1274.91101]
Finkel, Alain; Sangnier, Arnaud, Mixing coverability and reachability to analyze VASS with one zero-test, 394-406 [Zbl 1274.68230]
Gagie, Travis; Navarro, Gonzalo; Nekrich, Yakov, Fast and compact prefix codes, 419-427 [Zbl 1274.68119]
Ganian, Robert; Hliněný, Petr, New results on the complexity of oriented colouring on restricted digraph classes, 428-439 [Zbl 1274.68138]
Gnecco, Giorgio; Sanguineti, Marcello, Smooth optimal decision strategies for static team optimization problems and their approximations, 440-451 [Zbl 1274.91136]
Grigoriev, Alexander; Marchal, Bert; Usotskaya, Natalya, Algorithms for the minimum edge cover of \(H\)-subgraphs of a graph, 452-464 [Zbl 1274.05449]
Grigoriev, Alexander; van Loon, Joyce; Uetz, Marc, On the complexity of the highway pricing problem, 465-476 [Zbl 1274.68139]
Harutyunyan, Hovhannes; Kamali, Shahin, Optimum broadcasting in complete weighted-vertex graphs, 489-502 [Zbl 1274.68272]
van ’t Hof, Pim; Kamiński, Marcin; Paulusma, Daniël; Szeider, Stefan; Thilikos, Dimitrios M., On contracting graphs to fixed pattern graphs, 503-514 [Zbl 1274.68277]
Hyyrö, Heikki; Narisawa, Kazuyuki; Inenaga, Shunsuke, Dynamic edit distance table under a general weighted cost function, 515-527 [Zbl 1274.68701]
Liu, Jia; Lin, Huimin, A complete symbolic bisimulation for full applied pi-calculus, 552-563 [Zbl 1274.68242]
Lonati, Violetta; Pradella, Matteo, Picture recognizability with automata based on Wang tiles, 576-587 [Zbl 1274.68160]
Mchedlidze, Tamara; Symvonis, Antonios, Unilateral orientation of mixed graphs, 588-599 [Zbl 1274.05453]
Otto, Friedrich, CD-systems of restarting automata governed by explicit enable and disable conditions, 627-638 [Zbl 1274.68163]
Radoszewski, Jakub; Rytter, Wojciech, Efficient testing of equivalence of words in a free idempotent semigroup, 663-671 [Zbl 1274.68164]
Raible, Daniel; Fernau, Henning, An amortized search tree analysis for \(k\)-leaf spanning tree, 672-684 [Zbl 1274.68675]
de Rougemont, Michel; Vieilleribière, Adrien, Approximate structural consistency, 685-696 [Zbl 1274.68093]
Vaneková, Veronika; Vojtáš, Peter, Comparison of scoring and order approach in description logic \(\mathcal{EL(D)}\), 709-720 [Zbl 1274.68473]
Zankl, Harald; Sternagel, Christian; Hofbauer, Dieter; Middeldorp, Aart, Finding and certifying loops, 755-766 [Zbl 1274.68153]
van der Zwaan, Ruben, Vertex ranking with capacity, 767-778 [Zbl 1274.68276]


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