Spectral theory of differential operators. M. Sh. Birman 80th anniversary collection. (English) Zbl 1152.47002

Translations. Series 2. American Mathematical Society 225; Advances in the Mathematical Sciences 62. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS) (ISBN 978-0-8218-4738-1/hbk). viii, 299 p. (2008).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. This collection is preceded by the volume entitled “Differential operators and spectral theory. M. Sh. Birman’s 70th anniversary collection” (Advances in the Mathematical Sciences 189(41); Providence/RI: AMS (1999; Zbl 0911.00011).
Indexed articles:
Solomyak, M.; Suslina, T., On the scientific work of M. Sh. Birman in 1998–2007. Continuation of the list of publications of M. Sh. Birman, 1-15, 17-18 [Zbl 1159.01011]
Birman, M. Sh., Perturbations of the continuous spectrum of a singular elliptic operator by varying the boundary and the boundary conditions, 19-53 [Zbl 1184.35234]
Buslaev, V. S.; Levin, S. B., Asymptotic behavior of the eigenfunctions of the many-particle Schrödinger operator. I: One-dimensional particles, 55-71 [Zbl 1160.81476]
Demchenko, M. N.; Filonov, N. D., Spectral asymptotics of the Maxwell operator on Lipschitz manifolds with boundary, 73-90 [Zbl 1230.35076]
Frank, Rupert L.; Laptev, Ari, Spectral inequalities for Schrödinger operators with surface potentials, 91-102 [Zbl 1170.35486]
Friedlander, Leonid; Solomyak, Michael, On the spectrum of the Dirichlet Laplacian in a narrow infinite strip, 103-116 [Zbl 1170.35487]
Korotyaev, Evgeny; Kutsenko, Anton, Lyapunov functions of periodic matrix-valued Jacobi operators, 117-131 [Zbl 1173.47019]
Laptev, Ari; Sobolev, Alexander V., Hardy inequalities for simply connected planar domains, 133-140 [Zbl 1168.26003]
Pushnitski, Alexander, The spectral flow, the Fredholm index and the spectral shift function, 141-155 [Zbl 1168.47010]
Raikov, Georgi, On the spectrum of a translationally invariant Pauli operator, 157-167 [Zbl 1168.35399]
Rozenblum, Grigori; Sobolev, Alexander V., Discrete spectrum distribution of the Landau operator perturbed by an expanding electric potential, 169-190 [Zbl 1167.35028]
Safarov, Y., On the comparison of the Dirichlet and Neumann counting functions, 191-204 [Zbl 1188.47021]
Safronov, O., Absolutely continuous spectrum of multi-dimensional Schrödinger operators with slowly decaying potentials, 205-214 [Zbl 1168.35400]
Shterenberg, Roman, On the discrete spectrum of the perturbed periodic magnetic Schrödinger operator with degenerate lower edge of the spectrum, 215-226 [Zbl 1168.35403]
Suslina, T. A., Homogenization of periodic second order differential operators including first order terms, 227-252 [Zbl 1169.35310]
Weidl, Timo, Improved Berezin-Li-Yau inequalities with a remainder term, 253-263 [Zbl 1168.35404]
Yafaev, D. R., Spectral and scattering theory of fourth order differential operators, 265-299 [Zbl 1170.34058]


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Birman, M. Sh.


Zbl 0911.00011