Asymptotic combinatorics with application to mathematical physics. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 9–22, 2001. (English) Zbl 1016.00018

NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. 77. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xv, 327 p. (2002).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. Other papers of this conference have been reviewed (see Zbl 1014.00010).
Indexed articles:
Kazakov, Vladimir, Matrix quantum mechanics, 3-21 [Zbl 1041.81028]
BrĂ©zin, E., Introduction to matrix models, 23-50 [Zbl 1040.81537]
Jacobsen, J. L.; Zinn-Justin, P., The combinatorics of alternating tangles: From theory to computerized enumeration, 37-112 [Zbl 1027.57009]
Buslaev, V.; Pastur, L., A class of the multi-interval eigenvalue distributions of matrix models and related structures, 51-70 [Zbl 1041.81024]
Malyshev, V. A., Combinatorics and probability of maps, 71-95 [Zbl 1023.60013]
Aldous, David; Pitman, Jim, Invariance principles for non-uniform random mappings and trees, 113-147 [Zbl 1027.60003]
Missarov, M. D., Renormalization group solution of fermionic Dyson model, 151-166 [Zbl 1044.81099]
Boos, H. E.; Korepin, V. E., Statistical mechanics and number theory, 167-208 [Zbl 1034.82013]
Maslov, V. P., Quantization of thermodynamics and the Bardeen-Cooper-Schriffer-Bogolyubov equation, 209-220 [Zbl 1111.82317]
Grebenkov, D. S., Approximate distribution of hitting probabilities for a regular surface with compact support in 2D, 221-242 [Zbl 1042.81062]
Igonin, Sergei, Notes on homogeneous vector bundles over complex flag manifolds, 245-254 [Zbl 1034.22008]
Stukopin, Vladimir, Representations theory and doubles of Yangians of classical Lie superalgebras, 255-265 [Zbl 1041.17007]
Litvinov, G. L.; Maslov, V. P.; Shpiz, G. B., Idempotent (asymptotic) mathematics and the representation theory, 267-278 [Zbl 1029.43004]
Van Dijk, G., A new approach to Berezin kernels and canonical representations, 279-305 [Zbl 1039.81033]
Spiridonov, V. P., Theta hypergeometric series, 307-327 [Zbl 1041.11032]


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Zbl 1014.00010