Boundary-value problems for loaded third-order parabolic-hyperbolic equations in infinite three-dimensional domains. (English) Zbl 1450.35187

Summary: In this paper, we study an analogue of the Gellerstedt problem for a loaded parabolic-hyperbolic equation of the third order in an infinite three-dimensional domain. The main method to study this Gellerstedt problem is the Fourier transform. Based on the Fourier transform, we reduce the considering problem to a planar analogue of the Gellerstedt spectral problem with a spectral parameter. The uniqueness of the solution of this problem is proved by the new extreme principle for loaded third-order equations of the mixed type. The existence of a regular solution of the Gellerstedt spectral problem is proved by the method of integral equations. In addition, the asymptotic behavior of the solution of the Gellerstedt spectral problem is studied for large values of the spectral parameter. Sufficient conditions are found such that all differentiation operations are legal in this work.


35M12 Boundary value problems for PDEs of mixed type
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