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A fully distributed hierarchical attribute-based encryption scheme. (English) Zbl 1436.68094
The paper studies scalability and flexibility in key delegation and user revocation mechanisms in attribute-based encryption (ABE) systems. First, the important results in the field and the general notions required next are presented. One section is dedicated to problem formulation: definition of revocable CP-HABE (Ciphertext Policy-Hierarchical ABE) systems and fully distributed revocable CP-HABE (FDR-CP-HABE) systems consisting of architecture, definition, security. Most of the paper is devoted to the detailed description of the system and the analysis of its performance compared to other known ones, and the conclusion is that the performance is acceptable compared with other similar schemes.
68P25 Data encryption (aspects in computer science)
68M11 Internet topics
68M25 Computer security
94A60 Cryptography
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