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Mathematical analysis and applications. (English) Zbl 1432.65003
Springer Optimization and Its Applications 154. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-31338-8/hbk; 978-3-030-31339-5/ebook). ix, 694 p. (2019).

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Publisher’s description: An international community of experts scientists comprise the research and survey contributions in this volume which covers a broad spectrum of areas in which analysis plays a central role. Contributions discuss theory and problems in real and complex analysis, functional analysis, approximation theory, operator theory, analytic inequalities, the Radon transform, nonlinear analysis, and various applications of interdisciplinary research; some are also devoted to specific applications such as the three-body problem, finite element analysis in fluid mechanics, algorithms for difference of monotone operators, a vibrational approach to a financial problem, and more.
This volume is useful to graduate students and researchers working in mathematics, physics, engineering, and economics.
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Baiburin, M. M.; Providas, E., Exact solution to systems of linear first-order integro-differential equations with multipoint and integral conditions, 1-16 [Zbl 07216117]
Cappello, Giorgia; Daniele, Patrizia; Giuffrè, Sofia; Maugeri, Antonino, A variational approach to the financial problem with insolvencies and analysis of the contagion, 17-40 [Zbl 1443.91317]
Czerwik, Stefan; Rassias, Themistocles M., Fixed point theorems for a system of mappings in generalized b-metric spaces, 41-51 [Zbl 07216119]
Dragomir, Silvestru Sever, Inequalities and approximations for the finite Hilbert transform: a survey of recent results, 53-164 [Zbl 1447.26023]
El-Fassi, Iz-iddine, On hyperstability of the two-variable Jensen functional equation on restricted domain, 165-183 [Zbl 1442.39034]
Ganatsiou, Chrysoula, On the study of circuit chains associated with a random walk with jumps in fixed, random environments: criteria of recurrence and transience, 185-203 [Zbl 07216122]
Hayati, Bahman; Khodaei, Hamid; Rassias, Themistocles M., On selections of some generalized set-valued inclusions, 205-216 [Zbl 1443.39015]
Agarwal, Praveen; Rassias, Themistocles M.; Singh, Gurmej; Jain, Shilpi, Certain fractional integral and differential formulas involving the extended incomplete generalized hypergeometric functions, 217-272 [Zbl 1442.26008]
Kalantonis, Vassilis S.; Perdiou, Angela E.; Perdios, Efstathios A., On the stability of the triangular equilibrium points in the elliptic restricted three-body problem with radiation and oblateness, 273-286 [Zbl 07216125]
Kashuri, Artion; Liko, Rozana, Some different type integral inequalities and their applications, 287-317 [Zbl 1442.26028]
Belfakih, Keltouma; Elqorachi, Elhoucien; Redouani, Ahmed, Extensions of Kannappan’s and Van Vleck’s functional equations on semigroups, 319-337 [Zbl 1442.39028]
Kuang, Jichang C., Recent advances of convexity theory and its inequalities, 339-364 [Zbl 1442.26016]
Lee, Jung Rye; Park, Choonkil; Rassias, Themistocles M., Additive functional inequalities and partial multipliers in complex Banach algebras, 365-389 [Zbl 07216129]
Lee, Jung Rye; Park, Choonkil; Rassias, Themistocles M.; Zhang, Xiaohong, Additive \(\rho\)-functional inequalities and their applications, 391-410 [Zbl 07216130]
Petruşel, A.; Rus, I. A., Graphic contraction principle and applications, 411-432 [Zbl 07216131]
Protonotarios, Nicholas E.; Kastis, George A.; Fokas, Athanassios S., A new approach for the inversion of the attenuated Radon transform, 433-457 [Zbl 1444.92060]
Ramazannejad, Maede; Alimohammady, Mohsen; Cattani, Carlo, On algorithms for difference of monotone operators, 459-479 [Zbl 07216133]
Raptis, Anastasios; Kyriakoudi, Konstantina; Xenos, Michail A., Finite element analysis in fluid mechanics, 481-510 [Zbl 1453.65342]
Rassias, Michael Th.; Yang, Bicheng, On a Hilbert-type integral inequality in the whole plane related to the extended Riemann zeta function, 511-528 [Zbl 1442.26031]
Suksumran, Teerapong, On metric structures of normed gyrogroups, 529-542 [Zbl 1439.22007]
Száz, Árpád, Birelator spaces are natural generalizations of not only bitopological spaces, but also ideal topological spaces, 543-586 [Zbl 1445.54019]
Turinici, Mihai, PPF dependent fixed points in Razumikhin metrical chains, 587-638 [Zbl 07216138]
Yang, Bicheng, Equivalent properties of parameterized Hilbert-type integral inequalities, 639-676 [Zbl 1442.26035]
Zagrebnov, Valentin A., Trotter product formula for non-self-adjoint Gibbs semigroups, 677-694 [Zbl 07216140]
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