On uniqueness of dissipative solutions to the isentropic Euler system. (English) Zbl 1428.35325

Summary: The dissipative solutions can be seen as a convenient generalization of the concept of weak solution to the isentropic Euler system. They can be seen as expectations of the Young measures associated to a suitable measure-valued solution of the problem. We show that dissipative solutions coincide with weak solutions starting from the same initial data on condition that: (i) the weak solution enjoys certain Besov regularity; (ii) the symmetric velocity gradient of the weak solution satisfies a one-sided Lipschitz bound.


35Q31 Euler equations
76N10 Existence, uniqueness, and regularity theory for compressible fluids and gas dynamics
35D30 Weak solutions to PDEs
35B65 Smoothness and regularity of solutions to PDEs
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