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Provable security. 11th international conference, ProvSec 2017, Xi’an, China, October 23–25, 2017. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1426.94002
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10592. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-68636-3/pbk; 978-3-319-68637-0/ebook). xiii, 508 p. (2017).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1398.94009].
Indexed articles:
Liang, Zhi; Wu, Qianhong; Liu, Weiran; Liu, Jianwei; Xiao, Fu, Provably secure self-extractable encryption, 3-23 [Zbl 1439.94039]
Wang, Yunling; Wang, Jianfeng; Sun, Shi-Feng; Liu, Joseph K.; Susilo, Willy; Chen, Xiaofeng, Towards multi-user searchable encryption supporting Boolean query and fast decryption, 24-38 [Zbl 1439.94068]
Meng, Ru; Zhou, Yanwei; Ning, Jianting; Liang, Kaitai; Han, Jinguang; Susilo, Willy, An efficient key-policy attribute-based searchable encryption in prime-order groups, 39-56 [Zbl 1439.94051]
Liu, Yang; Li, Xingxin; Zhu, Youwen; Wang, Jian; Liu, Zhe, Secure multi-label classification over encrypted data in cloud, 57-73 [Zbl 1439.94045]
Lai, Junzuo; Xiong, Jie; Wang, Chuansheng; Wu, Guangzheng; Li, Yanling, A secure cloud backup system with deduplication and assured deletion, 74-83 [Zbl 1439.94086]
Hartung, Gunnar; Kaidel, Björn; Koch, Alexander; Koch, Jessica; Hartmann, Dominik, Practical and robust secure logging from fault-tolerant sequential aggregate signatures, 87-106 [Zbl 1439.94084]
Wang, Zhen; Luo, Xiling; Wu, Qianhong, Verifiably encrypted group signatures, 107-126 [Zbl 1439.94090]
Zeng, Shengke; Mu, Yi; Yang, Guomin; He, Mingxing, Deniable ring authentication based on projective hash functions, 127-143 [Zbl 1439.94092]
Zhang, Ping; Wang, Peng; Hu, Honggang; Cheng, Changsong; Kuai, Wenke, INT-RUP security of checksum-based authenticated encryption, 147-166 [Zbl 1439.94093]
Chakraborty, Suvradip; Alawatugoda, Janaka; Pandu Rangan, C., Leakage-resilient non-interactive key exchange in the continuous-memory leakage setting, 167-187 [Zbl 1439.94022]
Xue, Haiyang; Li, Bao; He, Jingnan, New framework of password-based authenticated key exchange from only-one lossy encryption, 188-198 [Zbl 1439.94091]
Fukumitsu, Masayuki; Hasegawa, Shingo, Impossibility of the provable security of the Schnorr signature from the one-more DL assumption in the non-programmable random oracle model, 201-218 [Zbl 1439.94031]
Zhang, Fangguo, Bit security of the hyperelliptic curves Diffie-Hellman problem, 219-235 [Zbl 1439.94073]
Chen, Yuan; Dong, Qingkuan; Lai, Qiqi, Natural sd-RCCA secure public-key encryptions, 236-250 [Zbl 1439.94025]
Buldas, Ahto; Geihs, Matthias; Buchmann, Johannes, Long-term secure time-stamping using preimage-aware hash functions (short version), 251-260 [Zbl 1439.94081]
Liu, Hanlin; Yan, Di; Yu, Yu; Zhao, Shuoyao, On the hardness of sparsely learning parity with noise, 261-267 [Zbl 1439.94087]
Santoso, Bagus; Su, Chunhua, Provable secure post-quantum signature scheme based on isomorphism of polynomials in quantum random oracle model, 271-284 [Zbl 1439.94089]
Chen, Long; Zhang, Zhenfeng, Bootstrapping fully homomorphic encryption with ring plaintexts within polynomial noise, 285-304 [Zbl 1439.94024]
Ling, San; Nguyen, Khoa; Wang, Huaxiong; Zhang, Juanyang, Revocable predicate encryption from lattices, 305-326 [Zbl 1439.94042]
Acharya, Kamalesh; Dutta, Ratna, Provable secure constructions for broadcast encryption with personalized messages, 329-348 [Zbl 1439.94018]
Rezaeibagha, Fatemeh; Mu, Yi; Zhang, Shiwei; Wang, Xiaofen, Provably secure homomorphic signcryption, 349-360 [Zbl 1439.94056]
Zhu, Dali; Zhang, Renjun; Jia, Dingding, Public-key encryption with simulation-based sender selective-opening security, 361-380 [Zbl 1439.94080]
Fazio, Nelly; Gennaro, Rosario; Jafarikhah, Tahereh; Skeith III., William E., Homomorphic secret sharing from Paillier encryption, 381-399 [Zbl 1439.94082]
Cui, Hui; Au, Man Ho; Qin, Baodong; Deng, Robert H.; Yi, Xun, Fuzzy public-key encryption based on biometric data, 400-409 [Zbl 1439.94026]
Sharmila Deva Selvi, S.; Paul, Arinjita; Pandu Rangan, Chandrasekaran, An efficient certificateless proxy re-encryption scheme without pairing, 413-433 [Zbl 1439.94059]
Iovino, Vincenzo; Żebrowski, Karol, Mergeable functional encryption, 434-451 [Zbl 1439.94035]
Xu, Zifeng; Zhou, Fucai; Li, Yuxi; Xu, Jian; Wang, Qiang, Private subgraph matching protocol, 455-470 [Zbl 1439.94070]
Wijaya, Dimaz Ankaa; Liu, Joseph K.; Suwarsono, Dony Ariadi; Zhang, Peng, A new blockchain-based value-added tax system, 471-486 [Zbl 1439.94069]
Bultel, Xavier; Das, Manik Lal; Gajera, Hardik; Gérault, David; Giraud, Matthieu; Lafourcade, Pascal, Verifiable private polynomial evaluation, 487-506 [Zbl 1439.94021]

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94A60 Cryptography
94A62 Authentication, digital signatures and secret sharing
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