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An efficient ID-based cryptographic transformation model for extended chaotic-map-based cryptosystem. (English) Zbl 1418.94057
Summary: Recently, the chaos theory has been dealt with as a decent approach to reducing the computational complexity of a cryptographic technique while fulfilling the security necessities. In an ID-based cryptographic system where public keys are distributed to individual users, the application of chaotic maps allows users to set their network addresses or names as their individual public keys. This makes the public key cryptographic technique very user-friendly in that the public key confirmation process can be very informal and direct. In such a design, no huge public key database is required, and therefore, those security issues arising as a result of the existence of a public key database can be avoided. The aim of this article is to go deep into the possibility of transforming a chaotic-map-based cryptosystem into an ID-based technique without having to build a new framework from scratch or to do adjustment to the chaotic maps.

94A60 Cryptography
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