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The infinitesimal phase response curves of oscillators in piecewise smooth dynamical systems. (English) Zbl 1405.37054
Summary: The asymptotic phase \(\theta\) of an initial point \(x\) in the stable manifold of a limit cycle (LC) identifies the phase of the point on the LC to which the flow \(\phi_t(x)\) converges as \(t\to\infty\). The infinitesimal phase response curve (iPRC) quantifies the change in timing due to a small perturbation of a LC trajectory. For a stable LC in a smooth dynamical system, the iPRC is the gradient \(\nabla_x(\theta)\) of the phase function, which can be obtained via the adjoint of the variational equation. For systems with discontinuous dynamics, the standard approach to obtaining the iPRC fails. We derive a formula for the iPRCs of LCs occurring in piecewise smooth (Filippov) dynamical systems of arbitrary dimension, subject to a transverse flow condition. Discontinuous jumps in the iPRC can occur at the boundaries separating subdomains, and are captured by a linear matching condition. The matching matrix, \(M\), can be derived from the saltation matrix arising in the associated variational problem. For the special case of linear dynamics away from switching boundaries, we obtain an explicit expression for the iPRC. We present examples from cell biology (Glass networks) and neuroscience (central pattern generator models). We apply the iPRCs obtained to study synchronization and phase-locking in piecewise smooth LC systems in which synchronization arises solely due to the crossing of switching manifolds.

37G15 Bifurcations of limit cycles and periodic orbits in dynamical systems
34A36 Discontinuous ordinary differential equations
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