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ICGG 2018 – Proceedings of the 18th international conference on geometry and graphics. 40th anniversary – Milan, Italy, August 3–7, 2018. In 2 volumes. (English) Zbl 1403.00028
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 809. Cham: Springer; Milan: Politecnico de Milano (ISBN 978-3-319-95587-2/pbk; 978-3-319-95588-9/ebook). xlvi, 2300 p. (2019).

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Publisher’s description: This book gathers peer-reviewed papers presented at the 18th international conference on geometry and graphics (ICGG), held in Milan, Italy, on August 3–7, 2018. The spectrum of papers ranges from theoretical research to applications, including education, in several fields of science, technology and the arts. The ICGG 2018 mainly focused on the following topics and subtopics: theoretical graphics and geometry (geometry of curves and surfaces, kinematic and descriptive geometry, computer aided geometric design), applied geometry and graphics (modeling of objects, phenomena and processes, applications of geometry in engineering, art and architecture, computer animation and games, graphic simulation in urban and territorial studies), engineering computer graphics (computer aided design and drafting, computational geometry, geometric and solid modeling, image synthesis, pattern recognition, digital image processing) and graphics education (education technology research, multimedia educational software development, E-learning, virtual reality, educational systems, educational software development tools, MOOCs). Given its breadth of coverage, the book introduces engineers, architects and designers interested in computer applications, graphics and geometry to the latest advances in the field, with a particular focus on science, the arts and mathematics education.
The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Stachel, Hellmuth, Giving birth to the International Society for Geometry and Graphics – a documentation of the years 1988–1994, 3-6 [Zbl 1401.01022]
Landrus, Matthew, Rational estimates for irrational problems: proportional geometry in the work of Leonardo da Vinci, 19-54 [Zbl 1400.00046]
Raos, Guido, Molecular geometry and molecular graphics: Natta’s polypropylene and beyond, 55-62 [Zbl 1400.92617]
Zsombor-Murray, Paul, Geometric thinking and the geometry of conics and quadrics, 63-77 [Zbl 1400.51023]
Odehnal, Boris, Higher dimensional geometries. What are they good for?, 94-105 [Zbl 1400.51022]
Baidabekov, Auyez; Baymukhanov, Seriktay; Kemelbekova, Elmira, Graphical model of the biquadratic transformation, 147-160 [Zbl 1400.68243]
Benedek, Giorgio; Caglioti, Giuseppe, Graphics and quantum mechanics – the Necker cube as a quantum-like two-level system, 161-172 [Zbl 1400.81127]
Blažek, Jiří; Pech, Pavel, On one locus in the plane, 184-196 [Zbl 1400.51028]
Chavleshvili, Gocha; Partskhaladze, Gaioz, Using topological transformations to construct the intercepting lines, 219-227 [Zbl 1400.51024]
Dunham, Douglas; Shier, John, A property of area and perimeter, 228-237 [Zbl 1400.51020]
Dvoretskii, Aleksandr; Denysova, Tetiana, Quasifocal line and “burning curve”, 238-251 [Zbl 1400.51025]
Glaeser, Georg; Odehnal, Boris; Stachel, Hellmuth, A spatial version of the theorem of the angle of circumference, 265-276 [Zbl 1400.51008]
Žlepalo, Mirela Katić; Jurkin, Ema, Equidistant sets of conic and line, 277-289 [Zbl 1400.51031]
Koncul, Helena, Isotomic transformation with respect to a family of triangles, 290-297 [Zbl 1400.51026]
Li, Zijia; Schicho, Josef; Schröcker, Hans-Peter, The geometry of quadratic quaternion polynomials in Euclidean and non-Euclidean planes, 298-309 [Zbl 1400.51009]
Manevich, Michael; Itskovich, Elizabeth, Geometric algorithms for constructing the algebraic surfaces on the basis of Grassmann’s ideas and their extensive equations, 310-319 [Zbl 1400.14129]
Molnár, Emil; Szirmai, Jeno, Hyperbolic space forms with crystallographic applications and visualizations, 320-337 [Zbl 1400.52019]
Noack, Kevin; Lordick, Daniel, Optimized ruled surfaces with an application to thin-walled concrete shells, 338-349 [Zbl 1400.51021]
Odehnal, Boris, Examples of autoisoptic curves, 350-361 [Zbl 1400.53005]
Oxman, Victor; Sigler, Avi; Stupel, Moshe, The properties of special points on the Brocard circle in a triangle, 362-370 [Zbl 1400.51011]
Primorac Gajčić, Ljiljana; Protrka, Ivana; Šipuš, Željka Milin, Structure functions of ruled surfaces with null rulings, 371-380 [Zbl 1402.53001]
Röschel, Otto, Curved folding with pairs of cones, 381-388 [Zbl 1400.51007]
Stachel, Hellmuth, Two remarkable spherical arrangements of circles, 401-409 [Zbl 1400.52020]
Velichová, Daniela, Minkowski triples of curve segments, 437-444 [Zbl 1400.51004]
Vidak, Stipe, Some theorems of the Euclidean geometry in pentagonal quasigroups, 445-457 [Zbl 1400.51012]
Vörös, László, Geometrical structures of planar and spatial tessellations based on 3D models of higher dimensional cubes, 458-470 [Zbl 1400.51015]
Weiss, Gunter, The cube: its relatives, geodesics, billiards, and generalisations, 471-483 [Zbl 1400.51018]
Wohlleben, Eva, Duality in non-polyhedral bodies. I: Polyliner, 484-499 [Zbl 1400.51019]
Zamboj, Michal, Quadric sections of four-dimensional cones, 500-513 [Zbl 1400.51027]
Zerlenga, Ornella; Cirillo, Vincenzo, Curves and surfaces in the churches with ovate plant in Naples. Geometric analogies and differences, 514-525 [Zbl 1400.00047]
Qiu, Hao; Gao, Yicong; Feng, Yixiong; Zheng, Hao; Tan, Jianrong, The evolutionary mechanism of unit cell: parameterizations of polyhedron sandwich structure based on rigid origami, 701-710 [Zbl 1400.51014]
Gumen, Olena; Dovhaliuk, Volodymyr; Mileikovskyi, Viktor, Geometric representation of turbulent macrostructure in 3D jets, 739-745 [Zbl 1402.76060]
Husty, Manfred; Pfurner, Martin, An algebraic version of the input-output equation of planar four-bar mechanisms, 746-757 [Zbl 1400.14136]
Klawitter, Daniel; Bringmann, Oliver; Tonn, Christian, Generic fitting in point clouds, 832-841 [Zbl 1400.68254]
Nawratil, Georg, Alternative interpretation of the Plücker quadric’s ambient space and its application, 918-929 [Zbl 1400.51010]
Obradović, Marija, Modularity of concave polyhedra of the second sort with octagonal bases, 942-954 [Zbl 1400.52009]
Albrecht, Gudrun; Caliò, Franca; Miglio, Edie, Geometrically constrained surface (re)construction, 1205-1217 [Zbl 1400.68242]
Du, Tingna; Li, Bo, Three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis of cycloid hyperbolic arch dam, 1241-1254 [Zbl 1400.74107]
Eichenauer, Martin Friedrich; Noack, Kevin; Lordick, Daniel, Mixing of fluids with space-filling curves, 1255-1267 [Zbl 1400.76008]
Harker, Matthew; O’leary, Paul, Analytic approach to finding lines in images and estimating their uncertainty, 1280-1291 [Zbl 1400.68191]
Harker, Matthew; O’Leary, Paul, Geometric fitting, registration and identification for large sets of spatial measurement data, 1292-1303 [Zbl 1400.68190]
Jiao, Liye; Xu, He; Wang, Haihang; Zhao, Zitong; Vishwanath, Pooneeth, 3-D reconstruction of bubbles inside valve based on multi-mirrors imaging, 1304-1314 [Zbl 1400.76089]
Feng, Kaiping; Lai, Siyuan; Li, Quanjie; Wen, Junwen, Facial expression recognition base on weighted KNN and RF, 1315-1323 [Zbl 1400.68189]
Li, Yachao; Komma, Toshihiro, Generating videos based on convolutional recurrent generative adversarial networks, 1334-1339 [Zbl 1400.68176]
Liu, Xinfeng; Liu, Riliang, A creo-based modeling and toolpath generating system for the NC whirling process of propeller blades, 1350-1357 [Zbl 1400.65015]
Luo, Xiao; Luo, Qingsheng; Zhu, Chen; Han, Baoling, The configuration design and analysis of a small air-land amphibious detecting robot, 1366-1376 [Zbl 1400.68232]
Popescu, Iulian; Sass, Ludmila; Dută, Alina; Popescu, Marcela; Marinescu, Gabriel, Curves with special aesthetics generated by an original mechanism, 1377-1390 [Zbl 1400.68255]
Popov, Eugene Vladimirovich; Lagunova, Marina Victorovna; Rotkov, Sergey Igorevich, Tensile structure form-finding on the basis of properties of frame-grid template, 1391-1403 [Zbl 1402.00036]
Krasauskas, Rimvydas, Parametrizing 3-webs of circles on Darboux cyclides, 2196-2200 [Zbl 1400.53008]
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