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A parameterized algorithm for the maximum agreement forest problem on multiple rooted multifurcating trees. (English) Zbl 1400.92379
Summary: The Maximum Agreement Forest problem has been extensively studied in phylogenetics. Most previous work is on two binary phylogenetic trees. In this paper, we study a generalized version of the problem: the Maximum Agreement Forest problem on multiple rooted multifurcating phylogenetic trees, from the perspective of parameterized algorithms. By taking advantage of a new branch-and-bound strategy, a parameterized algorithm with running time \(O(2.42^k m^3 n^4)\) is presented for the problem, assuming that all polytomies in the multifurcating phylogenetic trees are hard.

92D15 Problems related to evolution
05C05 Trees
05C85 Graph algorithms (graph-theoretic aspects)
68W40 Analysis of algorithms
rSPR; SPRSupertrees
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