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On sliding mode control for networked control systems with semi-Markovian switching and random sensor delays. (English) Zbl 1396.93033
Summary: This paper focuses on the problem of sliding mode control for networked control systems with semi-Markovian switching and random measurement, where the measurement channel is assumed to suffer from random sensor delays. A Luenberger observer is designed to generate the estimation of system states, and the integral sliding surface is constructed to guarantee exponential stability of networked semi-Markovian switching systems in the mean square sense. Then, a proper controller is synthesized to ensure that the trajectory of the closed-loop networked semi-Markovian switching systems can be driven onto the prescribed sliding surface. Finally, numerical examples and simulations are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the integral sliding mode control scheme.

93B12 Variable structure systems
93C30 Control/observation systems governed by functional relations other than differential equations (such as hybrid and switching systems)
93E03 Stochastic systems in control theory (general)
93B50 Synthesis problems
93B05 Controllability
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