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Simple graphs in granular computing. (English) Zbl 1395.68260
Summary: Given a graph, we interpret its adjacency matrix as an information table. We study this correspondence in two directions. Firstly, on the side of graphs by applying to it standard techniques from granular computing. In this way, we are able to connect automorphisms on graphs to the so-called indiscernibility relation and a particular hypergraph built from the starting graph to core and reducts. On the other hand, new concepts are introduced on graphs that have an interesting correspondence on information tables. In particular, some new topological interpretations of the graph and the concept of extended core are given.

68T37 Reasoning under uncertainty in the context of artificial intelligence
05C50 Graphs and linear algebra (matrices, eigenvalues, etc.)
05C65 Hypergraphs
68R10 Graph theory (including graph drawing) in computer science
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