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Passive scalars in turbulent channel flow at high Reynolds number. (English) Zbl 1381.76109
Summary: We study passive scalars in turbulent plane channels at computationally high Reynolds number, thus allowing us to observe previously unnoticed effects. The mean scalar profiles are found to obey a generalized logarithmic law which includes a linear correction term in the whole lower half-channel, and they follow a universal parabolic defect profile in the core region. This is consistent with recent findings regarding the mean velocity profiles in channel flow. The scalar variances also exhibit a near universal parabolic distribution in the core flow and hints of a sizeable log layer, unlike the velocity variances. The energy spectra highlight the formation of large scalar-bearing eddies with size proportional to the channel height which are caused by a local production excess over dissipation, and which are clearly visible in the flow visualizations. Close correspondence of the momentum and scalar eddies is observed, with the main difference being that the latter tend to form sharper gradients, which translates into higher scalar dissipation. Another notable Reynolds number effect is the decreased correlation of the passive scalar field with the vertical velocity field, which is traced to the reduced effectiveness of ejection events.

76F40 Turbulent boundary layers
76F35 Convective turbulence
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