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Applications of computer algebra, Kalamata, Greece, July 20–23, 2015. (English) Zbl 1379.13001
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 198. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-56930-7/hbk; 978-3-319-56932-1/ebook). xiv, 515 p. (2017).

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Publisher’s description: The Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA) conference covers a wide range of topics from Coding Theory to Differential Algebra to Quantam Computing, focusing on the interactions of these and other areas with the discipline of Computer Algebra. This volume provides the latest developments in the field as well as its applications in various domains, including communications, modelling, and theoretical physics. The book will appeal to researchers and professors of computer algebra, applied mathematics, and computer science, as well as to engineers and computer scientists engaged in research and development.

The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Ali, Anissa; Moinet, Mireille; Serre, Philippe, An algebraic method to compute the mobility of closed-loop overconstrained mechanisms, 1-9 [Zbl 1390.70006]
Berec, Vesna, Simplicial topological coding and homology of spin networks, 11-20 [Zbl 1390.83233]
Borges-Quintana, Mijail; Borges-Trenard, Miguel A.; Martínez-Moro, Edgar, Trial set and Gröbner bases for binary codes, 21-27 [Zbl 1384.94123]
Dana-Picard, Thierry; Zehavi, Nurit, Automated study of envelopes of one-parameter families of surfaces, 29-44 [Zbl 1386.65088]
Dospra, Petroula; Poulakis, Dimitrios, Complex roots of quaternion polynomials, 45-58 [Zbl 1393.30038]
Duchamp, G. H. E.; Minh, V. Hoang Ngoc; Ngo Quoc Hoan; Penson, K.; Simonnet, P., Mathematical renormalization in quantum electrodynamics via noncommutative generating series, 59-100 [Zbl 1386.81144]
García Escudero, Juan, The root lattice \(A_{2}\) in the construction of substitution tilings and singular hypersurfaces, 101-117 [Zbl 1396.14034]
Ethier, Marc; Jabłoński, Grzegorz; Mrozek, Marian, Finding eigenvalues of self-maps with the Kronecker canonical form, 119-136 [Zbl 1390.15038]
Fukui, Tetsuo, Algorithm for predicting mathematical formulae from linear strings for mathematical inputs, 137-148 [Zbl 1395.97002]
Garn, Bernhard; Simos, Dimitris E., Algebraic modelling of covering arrays, 149-170 [Zbl 1383.05048]
Grim, Anna; Shakiban, Chehrzad, Applications of signatures curves to characterize melanomas and moles, 171-189 [Zbl 1383.92035]
Hašek, Roman; Kovács, Zoltán; Zahradník, Jan, Contemporary interpretation of a historical locus problem with the use of computer algebra, 191-205 [Zbl 1395.51004]
Helmer, Martin, Computing the Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson Class of complete simplical toric varieties, 207-217 [Zbl 1383.14017]
Kapur, Deepak; Sun, Yao; Wang, Dingkang; Zhou, Jie, The generalized Rabinowitsch trick, 219-229 [Zbl 1396.13025]
Karamitrou, O. G.; Tsimpouris, C.; Mavridi, P.; Sgarbas, K. N., A web-based quantum computer simulator with symbolic extensions, 231-235 [Zbl 1383.81007]
Lewis, Robert H., Dixon-EDF: the premier method for solution of parametric polynomial systems, 237-256 [Zbl 1393.68192]
López-García, J.; Jiménez Zamudio, J. J.; Canut Díaz Velarde, M. E., Visualization of orthonormal triads in cylindrical and spherical coordinates, 257-266 [Zbl 1392.97005]
Matsumoto, Ryutaroh; Ruano, Diego, Geometric and computational approach to classical and quantum secret sharing, 267-272 [Zbl 1383.81075]
Minimair, Manfred, Computing the Dixon resultant with the Maple package DR, 273-287 [Zbl 1388.68319]
Minimair, Manfred, Collaborative computer algebra, 289-303 [Zbl 06856198]
Miszczak, J. A., States and channels in quantum mechanics without complex numbers, 305-316 [Zbl 1386.81018]
Onchis-Moaca, Darian; Zappalá, Simone; Goţia, Smaranda Laura; Real, Pedro, Double Hough transform for estimating the position of the mandibular canal in dental radiographs, 317-327 [Zbl 1383.92042]
Pan, Victor Y., Simple and nearly optimal polynomial root-finding by means of root radii approximation, 329-340 [Zbl 1397.65069]
Perera, Sirani M.; Olshevsky, Vadim, A fast Schur-Euclid-type algorithm for quasiseparable polynomials, 341-383 [Zbl 1396.13028]
Perminov, A. S.; Kuznetsov, Eduard D., The use of CAS Piranha for the construction of motion equations of the planetary system problem, 385-396 [Zbl 1383.70012]
Puchinger, Sven; Müelich, Sven; Ishak, Karim; Bossert, Martin, Code-based cryptosystems using generalized concatenated codes, 397-423 [Zbl 1384.94097]
Strzeboński, Adam; Tsigaridas, Elias P., Univariate real root isolation over a single logarithmic extension of real algebraic numbers, 425-445 [Zbl 1393.11086]
van der Hoeven, Joris, On the complexity of multivariate polynomial division, 447-458 [Zbl 1383.68039]
van der Hoeven, Joris; Lecerf, Grégoire; Raux, Denis, Preserving syntactic correctness while editing mathematical formulas, 459-471 [Zbl 1383.68095]
Varbanova, Elena, About balanced application of CAS in undergraduate mathematics, 473-485 [Zbl 1401.97004]
Wojas, Włodzimierz; Krupa, Jan, Some remarks on Taylor’s polynomials visualization using Mathematica in context of function approximation, 487-498 [Zbl 1383.97008]
Zeitoun, David G.; Dana-Picard, Thierry, Zooming algorithms for accurate plotting of functions of two real variables, 499-515 [Zbl 1386.65090]
13-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to commutative algebra
13Pxx Computational aspects and applications of commutative rings
12Y99 Computational aspects of field theory and polynomials (MSC2010)
14Qxx Computational aspects in algebraic geometry
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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