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Recursive formulations for multibody systems with frictional joints based on the interaction between bodies. (English) Zbl 1376.70016
Summary: In practice, the clearances of joints in a great number of mechanical systems are well under control. In these cases, some of the existing methods become unpractical because of the little differences in the order of magnitude between relative movements and computational errors. Assuming that the effects of impacts are negligible, we proved that both locations and forces of contacts in joints can be fully determined by parts of joint reaction forces. Based on this fact, a method particularly suited for multibody systems possessing frictional joints with tiny clearances is presented. In order to improve the efficiency of computation, recursive formulations are proposed based on the interactions between bodies. The proposed recursive formulations can improve the computation of joint reaction forces. With the methodology presented in this paper, not only the motion of bodies in a multibody system but also the details about the contacts in joints, such as forces of contacts and locations of contact points, can be obtained. Even with the assumption of impact free, the instants of possible impacts can be detected without relying upon any ambiguous parameters, as indicated by numerical examples in this paper.

70E55 Dynamics of multibody systems
70B15 Kinematics of mechanisms and robots
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