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Coalescent theory. An introduction. (English) Zbl 1366.92001
Greenwood Village, CO: Roberts & Company Publishers (ISBN 978-0-9747077-5-4/pbk). xii, 326 p. (2009).
Publisher’s description: Coalescent theory provides the foundation for molecular population genetics and genomics. It is the conceptual framework for studies of DNA sequence variation within species, and is the source of essential tools for making inferences about mutation, recombination, population structure and natural selection from DNA sequence data.
This monograph is intended mainly for biologists, but it will also be of interest to mathematicians who wish to see how this branch of applied probability theory plays out in a biological setting.

92-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to biology
92D15 Problems related to evolution
92D20 Protein sequences, DNA sequences