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Three-dimensional simulations of the cell growth and cytokinesis using the immersed boundary method. (English) Zbl 1364.92009
Summary: In this paper, we present a three-dimensional immersed boundary method to simulate the eukaryotic cell growth and cytokinesis. The proposed model and numerical method are a non-trivial three-dimensional extension of our previous work [J. Math. Biol. 65, No. 4, 653–675 (2012; Zbl 1252.92017)]. Unstructured triangular meshes are employed to discretize the cell membrane. The nodes of the surface mesh constitute a set of Lagrangian control points used to track the motion of the cell. A surface remeshing algorithm is applied to prevent mesh distortion during evolution. We also use a volume-conserving algorithm to maintain the mass of cells in cytokinesis. The ability of the proposed method to simulate cell growth and division processes is numerically demonstrated.

92C37 Cell biology
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