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Data gathering, analysis and protection of privacy through randomized response techniques: qualitative and quantitative human traits. (English) Zbl 1349.62001
Handbook of Statistics 34. Amsterdam: Elsevier/North Holland (ISBN 978-0-444-63570-9/hbk; 978-0-444-63571-6/ebook). xviii, 525 p. (2016).

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Indexed articles:
Rao, T. J.; Rao, C. R., Review of certain recent advances in randomized response techniques, 1-11 [Zbl 1365.62046]
Chaudhuri, A., How randomized response techniques need not be confined to simple random sampling but liberally applicable to general sampling schemes, 17-27 [Zbl 1365.62027]
Christofides, T. C., The classical randomized response techniques: reading Warner (1965) and Greenberg et al. (1969) 50 years later, 29-41 [Zbl 1365.62028]
Singh, S., On the estimation of correlation coefficient using scrambled responses, 43-90 [Zbl 1365.62052]
Sengupta, S., Admissible and optimal estimation in finite population sampling under randomized response models, 91-104 [Zbl 1365.62050]
Quatember, A., A mixture of true and randomized responses in the estimation of the number of people having a certain attribute, 105-117 [Zbl 1365.62045]
Barabesi, L.; Diana, G.; Perri, P. F., Estimation of complex population parameters under the randomized response theory, 119-131 [Zbl 1366.62023]
Abdelfatah, S.; Mazloum, R., An efficient randomized response model using two decks of cards under simple and stratified random sampling, 133-154 [Zbl 1366.62022]
Odumade, O.; Arnab, R.; Singh, S., Poststratification based on the choice of use of a quantitative randomization device, 169-189 [Zbl 1365.62083]
Bouza-Herrera, C. N., Behavior of some scrambled randomized response models under simple random sampling, ranked set sampling and Rao-Hartley-Cochran designs, 209-220 [Zbl 1365.62025]
Mukhopadhyay, P., Estimation of a finite population variance under linear models for randomized response designs, 221-231 [Zbl 1365.62040]
Rao, T. J.; Sarkar, J.; Sinha, B. K., Randomized response and new thoughts on Politz-Simmons technique, 233-251 [Zbl 1366.62040]
Arnab, R.; Rueda, M., Optional randomized response: a critical review, 253-271 [Zbl 1365.62023]
Nayak, T. K.; Adeshiyan, S. A.; Zhang, C., A concise theory of randomized response techniques for privacy and confidentiality protection, 273-286 [Zbl 1365.62042]
Cruyff, M. J. L. F.; Böckenholt, U.; van der Heijden, P. G. M.; Frank, L. E., A review of regression procedures for randomized response data, including univariate and multivariate logistic regression, the proportional odds model and item response model, and self-protective responses, 287-315 [Zbl 1365.62030]
Nandy, K.; Marcovitz, M.; Sinha, B. K., Eliciting information on sensitive features: block total response technique and related inference, 317-329 [Zbl 1365.62041]
Mukerjee, R., Optional randomized response revisited, 331-340 [Zbl 1365.62039]
Bose, M., Measures of respondent privacy in randomized response surveys, 341-351 [Zbl 1365.62024]
Le, S.-S.; Sedory, S. A.; Singh, S., Cramer-Rao lower bounds of variance for estimating two proportions and their overlap by using two decks of cards, 353-385 [Zbl 1365.62035]
Shaw, P., Estimating a finite population proportion bearing a sensitive attribute from a single probability sample by item count technique, 387-403 [Zbl 1365.62051]
Su, S.-C.; Lee, C.-S.; Sedoryi, S. A.; Singh, S., Estimation of means of two rare sensitive characteristics: Cramer-Rao lower bound of variances, 413-426 [Zbl 1365.62086]
Dihidar, K., Estimating sensitive population proportion by generating randomized response following direct and inverse hypergeometric distribution, 427-441 [Zbl 1365.62031]
Johnson, M. L.; Sedory, S. A.; Singh, S., Incredibly efficient use of a negative hypergeometric distribution in randomized response techniques, 443-469 [Zbl 1365.62033]
Mohamed, C.; Sedory, S. A.; Singh, S., Comparison of different imputing methods for scrambled responses, 471-495 [Zbl 1365.62038]
Padmawar, V. R., On an indirect response model, 497-513 [Zbl 1365.62043]

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62D05 Sampling theory, sample surveys
94A60 Cryptography
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