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Integration of AI and OR techniques in constraint programming. 12th international conference, CPAIOR 2015, Barcelona, Spain, May 18–22, 2015. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1337.68015
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9075. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-18007-6/pbk; 978-3-319-18008-3/ebook). xxv, 456 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1287.68010].
Indexed articles:
Aguiar Melgarejo, Penélope; Laborie, Philippe; Solnon, Christine, A time-dependent no-overlap constraint: application to urban delivery problems, 1-17 [Zbl 06605744]
Aharoni, Merav; Boni, Odellia; Freund, Ari; Goren, Lidor; Ibraheem, Wesam; Segev, Tamir, Rectangle placement for VLSI testing, 18-30 [Zbl 06605745]
Arbelaez, Alejandro; Mehta, Deepak; O’Sullivan, Barry; Quesada, Luis, A constraint-based local search for edge disjoint rooted distance-constrained minimum spanning tree problem, 31-46 [Zbl 06605746]
Bergman, David; Raghunathan, Arvind U., A Benders approach to the minimum chordal completion problem, 47-64 [Zbl 06605747]
Bofill, Miquel; Garcia, Marc; Suy, Josep; Villaret, Mateu, MaxSAT-based scheduling of B2B meetings, 65-73 [Zbl 06605748]
Bonfietti, Alessio; Lombardi, Michele; Milano, Michela, Embedding decision trees and random forests in constraint programming, 74-90 [Zbl 06605749]
Burt, Christina N.; Lipovetzky, Nir; Pearce, Adrian R.; Stuckey, Peter J., Scheduling with fixed maintenance, shared resources and nonlinear feedrate constraints: a mine planning case study, 91-107 [Zbl 06605750]
Chu, Geoffrey; Stuckey, Peter J., Learning value heuristics for constraint programming, 108-123 [Zbl 06605751]
Dejemeppe, Cyrille; Schaus, Pierre; Deville, Yves, Derivative-free optimization: lifting single-objective to multi-objective algorithm, 124-140 [Zbl 06605752]
Gamrath, Gerald; Melchiori, Anna; Berthold, Timo; Gleixner, Ambros M.; Salvagnin, Domenico, Branching on multi-aggregated variables, 141-156 [Zbl 06605753]
Gay, Steven; Hartert, Renaud; Schaus, Pierre, Time-table disjunctive reasoning for the cumulative constraint, 157-172 [Zbl 06605754]
Gervet, C.; Galichet, S., Uncertain data dependency constraints in matrix models, 173-181 [Zbl 06605755]
Haraguchi, Kazuya, An efficient local search for partial Latin square extension problem, 182-198 [Zbl 06605756]
Hendel, Gregor, Enhancing MIP branching decisions by using the sample variance of pseudo costs, 199-214 [Zbl 06605757]
Kell, Brian; Sabharwal, Ashish; Hoeve, Willem-Jan, BDD-guided clause generation, 215-230 [Zbl 06605758]
Ku, Wen-Yang; Beck, J. Christopher, Combining constraint propagation and discrete ellipsoid-based search to solve the exact quadratic knapsack problem, 231-239 [Zbl 06605759]
Furini, Fabio; Ljubić, Ivana; Sinnl, Markus, ILP and CP formulations for the lazy bureaucrat problem, 255-270 [Zbl 06605761]
Mairy, Jean-Baptiste; Deville, Yves; Lecoutre, Christophe, The smart table constraint, 271-287 [Zbl 06605762]
Negrevergne, Benjamin; Guns, Tias, Constraint-based sequence mining using constraint programming, 288-305 [Zbl 1427.68068]
Pesant, Gilles; Rix, Gregory; Rousseau, Louis-Martin, A comparative study of MIP and CP formulations for the B2B scheduling optimization problem, 306-321 [Zbl 06605764]
Polash, M. M. Alam; Newton, M. A. Hakim; Sattar, Abdul, Constraint-based local search for Golomb rulers, 322-331 [Zbl 06605765]
Polyakovskiy, Sergey; Neumann, Frank, Packing while traveling: mixed integer programming for a class of nonlinear knapsack problems, 332-346 [Zbl 06605766]
Saikko, Paul; Malone, Brandon; Järvisalo, Matti, MaxSAT-based cutting planes for learning graphical models, 347-356 [Zbl 06605767]
Saint-Guillain, Michael; Deville, Yves; Solnon, Christine, A multistage stochastic programming approach to the dynamic and stochastic VRPTW, 357-374 [Zbl 06605768]
Scott, Joseph D.; Flener, Pierre; Pearson, Justin, Constraint solving on bounded string variables, 375-392 [Zbl 06605769]
Senthooran, Ilankaikone; Wallace, Mark; De Koninck, Leslie, Freight train threading with different algorithms, 393-409 [Zbl 06605770]
Veksler, Michael; Strichman, Ofer, Learning general constraints in CSP, 410-426 [Zbl 06605771]
Van Cauwelaert, Sascha; Lombardi, Michele; Schaus, Pierre, Understanding the potential of propagators, 427-436 [Zbl 06605772]
Vilím, Petr; Laborie, Philippe; Shaw, Paul, Failure-directed search for constraint-based scheduling, 437-453 [Zbl 06605773]

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