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Nonlinear semigroups generated by \(j\)-elliptic functionals. (English. French summary) Zbl 1332.47031
Summary: We generalise the theory of energy functionals used in the study of gradient systems to the case where the domain of definition of the functional cannot be embedded into the Hilbert space \(H\) on which the associated operator acts, such as when \(H\) is a trace space. We show that under weak conditions on the functional \(\phi\) and the map \(j\) from the effective domain of \(\phi\) to \(H\), which in opposition to the classical theory does not have to be injective or even continuous, the operator on \(H\) naturally associated with the pair \((\varphi, j)\) nevertheless generates a nonlinear semigroup of contractions on \(H\). We show that this operator, which we call the \(j\)-subgradient of \(\phi\), is the (classical) subgradient of another functional on \(H\), and give an extensive characterisation of this functional in terms of \(\phi\) and \(j\). In the case where \(H\) is an \(L^2\)-space, we also characterise the positivity, \(L^\infty\)-contractivity and existence of order-preserving extrapolations to \(L^q\) of the semigroup in terms of \(\phi\) and \(j\). This theory is illustrated through numerous examples, including the \(p\)-Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator, general Robin-type parabolic boundary value problems for the \(p\)-Laplacian on very rough domains, and certain coupled parabolic-elliptic systems.

47H20 Semigroups of nonlinear operators
37L05 General theory of infinite-dimensional dissipative dynamical systems, nonlinear semigroups, evolution equations
35A15 Variational methods applied to PDEs
34G25 Evolution inclusions
47H05 Monotone operators and generalizations
58J70 Invariance and symmetry properties for PDEs on manifolds
47N20 Applications of operator theory to differential and integral equations
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