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Web and internet economics. 11th international conference, WINE 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 9–12, 2015. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1326.68026
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9470. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-662-48994-9/pbk; 978-3-662-48995-6/ebook). xix, 442 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1302.68013].
Indexed articles:
Adamczyk, Marek; Borodin, Allan; Ferraioli, Diodato; de Keijzer, Bart; Leonardi, Stefano, Sequential posted price mechanisms with correlated valuations, 1-15 [Zbl 1406.91138]
Anshelevich, Elliot; Sekar, Shreyas, Price competition in networked markets: how do monopolies impact social welfare?, 16-30 [Zbl 1406.91141]
Anshelevich, Elliot; Sekar, Shreyas, Computing stable coalitions: approximation algorithms for reward sharing, 31-45 [Zbl 1406.91122]
Arnosti, Nick; Immorlica, Nicole; Lucier, Brendan, The (non)-existence of stable mechanisms in incomplete information environments, 46-59 [Zbl 1406.91274]
Assadi, Sepehr; Khanna, Sanjeev; Li, Yang; Vohra, Rakesh, Fast convergence in the double oral auction, 60-73 [Zbl 1406.91156]
Auletta, Vincenzo; Caragiannis, Ioannis; Ferraioli, Diodato; Galdi, Clemente; Persiano, Giuseppe, Minority becomes majority in social networks, 74-88 [Zbl 1406.91317]
Basu, Soumya; Lianeas, Thanasis; Nikolova, Evdokia, New complexity results and algorithms for the minimum tollbooth problem, 89-103 [Zbl 1404.91041]
Ben-Zwi, Oren; Henzinger, Monika; Loitzenbauer, Veronika, Ad exchange: envy-free auctions with mediators, 104-117 [Zbl 1406.91157]
Bilò, Vittorio; Flammini, Michele; Monaco, Gianpiero; Moscardelli, Luca, Computing approximate Nash equilibria in network congestion games with polynomially decreasing cost functions, 118-131 [Zbl 1404.91044]
Bilò, Vittorio; Vinci, Cosimo, On Stackelberg strategies in affine congestion games, 132-145 [Zbl 1404.91045]
Bjelde, Antje; Fischer, Felix; Klimm, Max, Impartial selection and the power of up to two choices, 146-158 [Zbl 1406.91080]
Blum, Avrim; Mansour, Yishay; Yang, Liu, Online allocation and pricing with economies of scale, 159-172 [Zbl 1406.91213]
Blumrosen, Liad; Zohar, Osnat, Multilateral deferred-acceptance mechanisms, 173-186 [Zbl 1406.91158]
Boodaghians, Shant; Vetta, Adrian, Testing consumer rationality using perfect graphs and oriented discs, 187-200 [Zbl 1406.91096]
Bošanský, Branislav; Brânzei, Simina; Hansen, Kristoffer Arnsfelt; Miltersen, Peter Bro; Sørensen, Troels Bjerre, Computation of Stackelberg equilibria of finite sequential games, 201-215 [Zbl 1404.91022]
Bousquet, Nicolas; Cai, Yang; Vetta, Adrian, Welfare and rationality guarantees for the simultaneous multiple-round ascending auction, 216-229 [Zbl 1406.91159]
Cheung, Yun Kuen; Henzinger, Monika; Hoefer, Martin; Starnberger, Martin, Combinatorial auctions with conflict-based externalities, 230-243 [Zbl 1406.91164]
Cole, Richard; Rao, Shravas, Applications of \(\alpha \)-strongly regular distributions to Bayesian auctions, 244-257 [Zbl 1406.91165]
Correa, José; de Jong, Jasper; de Keijzer, Bart; Uetz, Marc, The curse of sequentiality in routing games, 258-271 [Zbl 1404.91047]
Correa, José; Kiwi, Marcos; Olver, Neil; Vera, Alberto, Adaptive rumor spreading, 272-285 [Zbl 1406.91318]
Cummings, Rachel; Kearns, Michael; Roth, Aaron; Wu, Zhiwei Steven, Privacy and truthful equilibrium selection for aggregative games, 286-299 [Zbl 1404.91048]
Dobzinski, Shahar; Feldman, Michal; Talgam-Cohen, Inbal; Weinstein, Omri, Welfare and revenue guarantees for competitive bundling equilibrium, 300-313 [Zbl 1406.91144]
Dorn, Britta; Krüger, Dominikus; Scharpfenecker, Patrick, Often harder than in the constructive case: destructive bribery in CP-nets, 314-327 [Zbl 1406.91113]
Fotakis, Dimitris; Kalimeris, Dimitris; Lianeas, Thanasis, Improving selfish routing for risk-averse players, 328-342 [Zbl 1404.91050]
Giannakopoulos, Yiannis; Kyropoulou, Maria, The VCG mechanism for Bayesian scheduling, 343-356 [Zbl 1410.90087]
Goldberg, Paul W.; Turchetta, Stefano, Query complexity of approximate equilibria in anonymous games, 357-369 [Zbl 1404.91009]
Han, Li; Kempe, David; Qiang, Ruixin, Incentivizing exploration with heterogeneous value of money, 370-383 [Zbl 1406.91131]
Harks, Tobias; Klimm, Max; Schneider, Manuel, Bottleneck routing with elastic demands, 384-397 [Zbl 1404.91056]
Kovács, Annamária; Meyer, Ulrich; Ventre, Carmine, Mechanisms with monitoring for truthful RAM allocation, 398-412 [Zbl 1403.68024]
Kuleshov, Volodymyr; Schrijvers, Okke, Inverse game theory: learning utilities in succinct games, 413-427 [Zbl 1404.91059]

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