Symbolic and quantitative approaches to reasoning with uncertainty. 13th European conference, ECSQARU 2015, Compiègne, France, July 15–17, 2015. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1316.68008

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9161. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-20806-0/pbk; 978-3-319-20807-7/ebook). xiii, 554 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1268.68034].
Indexed articles:
Halpern, Joseph Y.; Leung, Samantha, Minimizing regret in dynamic decision problems, 3-13 [Zbl 1465.91041]
Dubois, Didier; Durrieu, Claude; Prade, Henri; Rico, Agnès; Ferro, Yannis, Extracting decision rules from qualitative data using Sugeno integral: a case-study, 14-24 [Zbl 1465.68252]
Labreuche, Christophe; Destercke, Sébastien; Mayag, Brice, Elicitation of a utility from uncertainty equivalent without standard gambles, 25-35 [Zbl 1465.91044]
Ben Amor, Nahla; Dubois, Didier; Gouider, Héla; Prade, Henri, Possibilistic conditional preference networks, 36-46 [Zbl 1465.91046]
Konieczny, Sébastien; Marquis, Pierre; Vesic, Srdjan, On supported inference and extension selection in abstract argumentation frameworks, 49-59 [Zbl 1465.68240]
Amgoud, Leila; Besnard, Philippe; Hunter, Anthony, Representing and reasoning about arguments mined from texts and dialogues, 60-71 [Zbl 1465.68233]
Nouioua, Farid; Boutouhami, Sara, Dialogue games for argumentation frameworks with necessities, 72-82 [Zbl 1465.68242]
Timmer, Sjoerd T.; Meyer, John-Jules Ch.; Prakken, Henry; Renooij, Silja; Verheij, Bart, Explaining Bayesian networks using argumentation, 83-92 [Zbl 1465.68243]
Gilio, Angelo; Pfeifer, Niki; Sanfilippo, Giuseppe, Transitive reasoning with imprecise probabilities, 95-105 [Zbl 1465.68239]
Flaminio, Tommaso; Godo, Lluis; Hosni, Hykel, On the algebraic structure of conditional events, 106-116 [Zbl 1465.68238]
Koutras, Costas D.; Rantsoudis, Christos, In all, but finitely many, possible worlds: model-theoretic investigations on ‘overwhelming majority’ default conditionals, 117-126 [Zbl 1465.68241]
Castro, Jorge; Gabarro, Joaquim; Serna, Maria; Stewart, Alan, The robustness of periodic orchestrations in uncertain evolving environments, 129-140 [Zbl 1465.68193]
Stewart, Alan; Gabarro, Joaquim; Keenan, Anthony, Uncertainty in the cloud: an angel-daemon approach to modelling performance, 141-150 [Zbl 1465.68029]
Ma, Wenjun; Liu, Weiru; McAreavey, Kevin, Game-theoretic resource allocation with real-time probabilistic surveillance information, 151-161 [Zbl 1468.91065]
Creignou, Nadia; Ktari, Raïda; Papini, Odile, Belief update within propositional fragments, 165-174 [Zbl 1465.68237]
Caridroit, Thomas; Konieczny, Sébastien; de Lima, Tiago; Marquis, Pierre, Private expansion and revision in multi-agent settings, 175-185 [Zbl 1465.68235]
Caridroit, Thomas; Konieczny, Sébastien; Marquis, Pierre, Contraction in propositional logic, 186-196 [Zbl 1465.03059]
Pastink, Arnoud; van der Gaag, Linda C., Multi-classifiers of small treewidth, 199-209 [Zbl 1465.68227]
Bolt, Janneke H.; van der Gaag, Linda C., Balanced tuning of multi-dimensional Bayesian network classifiers, 210-220 [Zbl 1465.62117]
Bounhas, Myriam; Prade, Henri; Richard, Gilles, A new view of conformity and its application to classification, 221-232 [Zbl 1465.62118]
Grant, John; Hunter, Anthony, Using Shapley inconsistency values for distributed information systems with uncertainty, 235-245 [Zbl 1465.68253]
Cholvy, Laurence; Perrussel, Laurent; Raynaut, William; Thévenin, Jean-Marc, Consistency-based reliability assessment, 246-256 [Zbl 1465.68250]
Schmidt, Fabian; Gebhardt, Jörg; Kruse, Rudolf, Handling revision inconsistencies: towards better explanations, 257-266 [Zbl 1465.68257]
Ammoura, Meriem; Raddaoui, Badran; Salhi, Yakoub; Oukacha, Brahim, On measuring inconsistency using maximal consistent sets, 267-276 [Zbl 1465.68246]
Benferhat, Salem; Levray, Amélie; Tabia, Karim, On the analysis of probability-possibility transformations: changing operations and graphical models, 279-289 [Zbl 1465.68247]
Lopatatzidis, Stavros; van der Gaag, Linda C., Computing concise representations of semi-graphoid independency models, 290-300 [Zbl 1465.62091]
Ben Hariz, Narjes; Ben Yaghlane, Boutheina, Learning structure in evidential networks from evidential databases, 301-311 [Zbl 1465.68248]
Haddad, Maroua; Leray, Philippe; Ben Amor, Nahla, Evaluating product-based possibilistic networks learning algorithms, 312-321 [Zbl 1465.68254]
Peña, Jose M., Every LWF and AMP chain graph originates from a set of causal models, 325-334 [Zbl 1465.62114]
Peña, Jose M., Factorization, inference and parameter learning in discrete AMP chain graphs, 335-345 [Zbl 1390.68672]
Görgen, Christiane; Leonelli, Manuele; Smith, James Q., A differential approach for staged trees, 346-355 [Zbl 1465.62111]
Ramstein, Gerard; Leray, Philippe, CPD tree learning using contexts as background knowledge, 356-365 [Zbl 1465.68229]
Meekes, Michelle; Renooij, Silja; van der Gaag, Linda C., Relevance of evidence in Bayesian networks, 366-375 [Zbl 1465.68255]
Liu, Manxia; Hommersom, Arjen; van der Heijden, Maarten; Lucas, Peter J. F., Hybrid time Bayesian networks, 376-386 [Zbl 1465.62113]
Nie, Siqi; de Campos, Cassio P.; Ji, Qiang, Learning bounded tree-width Bayesian networks via sampling, 387-396 [Zbl 1465.68226]
Pérez-Bernabé, Inmaculada; Salmerón, Antonio; Langseth, Helge, Learning conditional distributions using mixtures of truncated basis functions, 397-406 [Zbl 1465.68228]
Salmerón, Antonio; Rumí, Rafael; Langseth, Helge; Madsen, Anders L.; Nielsen, Thomas D., MPE inference in conditional linear Gaussian networks, 407-416 [Zbl 1465.62115]
Nguyen, Van-Doan; Huynh, Van-Nam, A reliably weighted collaborative filtering system, 429-439 [Zbl 1465.68256]
Daniel, Milan, A comparison of plausibility conflict and of degree of conflict based on amount of uncertainty of belief functions, 440-450 [Zbl 1465.68251]
Cano, Pablo Juesas; Ramasso, Emmanuel, Weighted maximum likelihood for parameters learning based on noisy labels in discrete hidden Markov models, 451-460 [Zbl 1465.68222]
Jiao, Lianmeng; Denoeux, Thierry; Pan, Quan, Evidential editing \(K\)-nearest neighbor classifier, 461-471 [Zbl 1465.68224]
Mercier, David; Pichon, Frédéric; Lefèvre, Éric; Delmotte, François, Learning contextual discounting and contextual reinforcement from labelled data, 472-481 [Zbl 1465.68225]
Cayrol, Claudette; Dubois, Didier; Touazi, Fayçal, Symbolic possibilistic logic: completeness and inference methods, 485-495 [Zbl 1465.68236]
Tomović, Siniša; Ognjanović, Zoran; Doder, Dragan, Probabilistic common knowledge among infinite number of agents, 496-505 [Zbl 1465.68244]
Beierle, Christoph; Potyka, Nico; Baudisch, Josef; Finthammer, Marc, Towards lifted inference under maximum entropy for probabilistic relational FO-PCL knowledge bases, 506-516 [Zbl 1465.68234]
Córdoba-Sánchez, Irene; Bielza, Concha; Larrañaga, Pedro, Towards Gaussian Bayesian network fusion, 519-528 [Zbl 1465.68223]
Cabañas, Rafael; Antonucci, Alessandro; Cano, Andrés; Gómez-Olmedo, Manuel, Variable elimination for interval-valued influence diagrams, 541-551 [Zbl 1465.68249]


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