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Distributed formation control of networked Euler-Lagrange systems with fault diagnosis. (English) Zbl 1307.93032
Summary: A distributed leader-follower formation tracking controller is presented in this paper. The dynamics of each agent is modeled by Euler-Lagrange equations, and all agents are guaranteed to track a desired time-varying trajectory in the workspace. The system uncertainties and external disturbances, which are equivalently described by a bounded additive noise, are considered in the controller design, and the proposed controller is robust to noise. Fault diagnosis of the nonlinear multi-agent system is also discussed with the help of differential geometry tools and an active fault recovery strategy is incorporated into the proposed control scheme. The effectiveness of the proposed controller is verified through simulations.

93A14 Decentralized systems
68T42 Agent technology and artificial intelligence
93C41 Control/observation systems with incomplete information
93C73 Perturbations in control/observation systems
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