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Modeling phase transition for compressible two-phase flows applied to metastable liquids. (English) Zbl 1307.76079
Summary: The seven-equation model for two-phase flows is a full non-equilibrium model, each phase has its own pressure, velocity, temperature, etc. A single value for each property, an equilibrium value, can be achieved by relaxation methods. This model has better features than other reduced models of equilibrium pressure for the numerical approximations in the presence of non-conservative terms. In this paper we modify this model to include the heat and mass transfer. We insert the heat and mass transfer through temperature and Gibbs free energy relaxation effects. New relaxation terms are modeled and new procedures for the instantaneous temperature and Gibbs free energy relaxation toward equilibrium is proposed. For modeling such relaxation terms, our idea is to make use of the assumptions that the mechanical properties, the pressure and the velocity, relax much faster than the thermal properties, the temperature and the Gibbs free energy, and the ratio of the Gibbs free energy relaxation time to the temperature relaxation time is extremely high. All relaxation processes are assumed to be instantaneous, i.e. the relaxation times are very close to zero. The temperature and the Gibbs free energy relaxation are used only at the interfaces. By these modifications we get a new model which is able to deal with transition fronts, evaporation fronts, where heat and mass transfer occur. These fronts appear as extra waves in the system. We use the same test problems on metastable liquids as in [R. Saurel, F. Petitpas and R. Abgrall, “Modeling phase transition in metastable liquids: application to cavitating and flashing flows”, J. Fluid Mech. 607, 313–350 (2008; doi:10.1017/S0022112008002061)]. We have almost similar results. Computed results are compared to the experimental ones of J. R. Simões-Moreira andJ. E. Shepherd [J. Fluid Mech. 382, 63–86 (1999; Zbl 0953.76508)]. A reasonable agreement is achieved. In addition we consider the six-equation model with a single velocity which is obtained from the seven-equation model in the asymptotic limit of zero velocity relaxation time. The same procedure for the heat and mass transfer is used with the six-equation model and a comparison is made between the results of this model with the results of the seven-equation model.

76T10 Liquid-gas two-phase flows, bubbly flows
80A22 Stefan problems, phase changes, etc.
76N99 Compressible fluids and gas dynamics
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