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ECAI 2014. 21st European conference on artificial intelligence, Prague, Czech Republic, August 18–22, 2014. Proceedings. Including proceedings of the accompanied concerence on prestigious applications of intelligent systems (PAIS 2014). (English) Zbl 1296.68011
Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications 263. Amsterdam: IOS Press (ISBN 978-1-61499-418-3/pbk; 978-1-61499-419-0/ebook). xxiv, 1240 p. (2014).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1294.68027; Zbl 1293.68028; Zbl 1272.68015].
Indexed articles:
Alechina, Natasha; Logan, Brian; Nguyen, Hoang Nga; Raimondi, Franco, Decidable model-checking for a resource logic with production of resources, 9-14 [Zbl 1366.68161]
Attamah, Maduka; van Ditmarsch, Hans; Grossi, Davide; van der Hoek, Wiebe, Knowledge and gossip, 21-26 [Zbl 1366.68007]
Bäckström, Christer, Parameterising the complexity of planning by the number of paths in the domain-transition graphs, 33-38 [Zbl 1366.68085]
Baget, Jean-François; Garreau, Fabien; Mugnier, Marie-Laure; Rocher, Swan, Extending acyclicity notions for existential rules, 39-44 [Zbl 1366.68299]
Bart, Anicet; Koriche, Frédéric; Lagniez, Jean-Marie; Marquis, Pierre, Symmetry-driven decision diagrams for knowledge compilation, 51-56 [Zbl 1366.68300]
Baumann, Ringo, Context-free and context-sensitive kernels: update and deletion equivalence in abstract argumentation, 63-68 [Zbl 1366.68275]
Baumann, Ringo; Dvořák, Wolfgang; Linsbichler, Thomas; Strass, Hannes; Woltran, Stefan, Compact argumentation frameworks, 69-74 [Zbl 1366.68276]
Baumeister, Dorothea; Bouveret, Sylvain; Lang, Jérôme; Nguyen, Nhan-Tam; Nguyen, Trung Thanh; Rothe, Jörg, Scoring rules for the allocation of indivisible goods, 75-80 [Zbl 1366.91098]
Belardinelli, Francesco, Model checking auctions as artifact systems: decidability via finite abstraction, 81-86 [Zbl 1366.68163]
Benabbou, Nawal; Perny, Patrice; Viappiani, Paolo, Incremental elicitation of Choquet capacities for multicriteria decision making, 87-92 [Zbl 1366.91044]
Benzmüller, Christoph; Woltzenlogel Paleo, Bruno, Automating Gödel’s ontological proof of God’s existence with higher-order automated theorem provers, 93-98 [Zbl 1366.03169]
Bloembergen, Daan; Ranjbar-Sahraei, Bijan; Ammar, Haitham Bou; Tuyls, Karl; Weiss, Gerhard, Influencing social networks: an optimal control study, 105-110 [Zbl 1366.91120]
Bogaerts, Bart; Vennekens, Joost; Denecker, Marc; Van den Bussche, Jan, Inference in the \(\mathrm{FO(C)}\) modelling language, 111-116 [Zbl 1366.03209]
Booth, Richard; Gabbay, Dov; Kaci, Souhila; Rienstra, Tjitze; van der Torre, Leendert, Abduction and dialogical proof in argumentation and logic programming, 117-122 [Zbl 1366.68279]
Booth, Richard; Fermé, Eduardo; Konieczny, Sébastien; Pino Pérez, Ramón, Credibility-limited improvement operators, 123-128 [Zbl 1366.03174]
Borgo, Stefano, ‘Being a manifold’ as the topological primitive of mereotopology, 129-134 [Zbl 1366.03168]
Bounhas, Myriam; Prade, Henri; Richard, Gilles, Analogical classification: a new way to deal with examples, 135-140 [Zbl 1366.68229]
Bouveret, Sylvain; Lang, Jérôme, Manipulating picking sequences, 141-146 [Zbl 1366.68338]
Brafman, Ronen; Shani, Guy, On the properties of belief tracking for online contingent planning using regression, 147-152 [Zbl 1366.68255]
Brewka, Gerhard; Woltran, Stefan, GRAPPA: a semantical framework for graph-based argument processing, 153-158 [Zbl 1366.68281]
Brewka, Gerhard; Ellmauthaler, Stefan; Pührer, Jörg, Multi-context systems for reactive reasoning in dynamic environments, 159-164 [Zbl 1366.68280]
Brochenin, Remi; Lierler, Yuliya; Maratea, Marco, Abstract disjunctive answer set solvers, 165-170 [Zbl 1366.68016]
Bulling, Nils; Jamroga, Wojciech; Popovici, Matei, \(\mathsf{ATL}^\star\) with truly perfect recall: expressivity and validities, 177-182 [Zbl 1366.03183]
Cailloux, Olivier; Endriss, Ulle, Eliciting a suitable voting rule via examples, 183-188 [Zbl 1366.68233]
Cerexhe, Timothy; Rajaratnam, David; Saffidine, Abdallah; Thielscher, Michael, A systematic solution to the (de-)composition problem in general game playing, 195-200 [Zbl 1366.68256]
Codocedo, Victor; Napoli, Amedeo, Lattice-based biclustering using partition pattern structures, 213-218 [Zbl 1366.68301]
Console, Marco; Lenzerini, Maurizio, Reducing global consistency to local consistency in ontology-based data access, 219-224 [Zbl 1366.68302]
Correia, Marco; Cruz, Jorge; Leite, João, On the efficient implementation of social abstract argumentation, 225-230 [Zbl 1366.68366]
Creignou, Nadia; Papini, Odile; Rümmele, Stefan; Woltran, Stefan, Belief merging within fragments of propositional logic, 231-236 [Zbl 1366.03178]
Crosby, Matthew; Jonsson, Anders; Rovatsos, Michael, A single-agent approach to multiagent planning, 237-242 [Zbl 1366.68339]
Distel, Felix; Atif, Jamal; Bloch, Isabelle, Concept dissimilarity based on tree edit distances and morphological dilations, 249-254 [Zbl 1366.68284]
Dubois, Didier; Prade, Henri; Schockaert, Steven, Reasoning about uncertainty and explicit ignorance in generalized possibilistic logic, 261-266 [Zbl 1366.03211]
Dung, Phan Minh, An axiomatic analysis of structured argumentation for prioritized default reasoning, 267-272 [Zbl 1366.68285]
Eiter, Thomas; Fink, Michael; Stepanova, Daria, Towards practical deletion repair of inconsistent DL-programs, 285-290 [Zbl 1366.68303]
Endriss, Ulle; Grandi, Umberto, Collective rationality in graph aggregation, 291-296 [Zbl 1366.68341]
Fages, Jean-Guillaume; Lorca, Xavier; Petit, Thierry, Self-decomposable global constraints, 297-302 [Zbl 1366.90223]
Fang, Zhiwen; Li, Chu-Min; Qiao, Kan; Feng, Xu; Xu, Ke, Solving maximum weight clique using maximum satisfiability reasoning, 303-308 [Zbl 1366.90176]
Fatima, Shaheen; Wooldridge, Michael, Multilateral bargaining for resource division, 309-314 [Zbl 1366.91100]
Fatima, Shaheen; Michalak, Tomasz; Wooldridge, Michael, Bargaining for coalition structure formation, 315-320 [Zbl 1366.91008]
Gao, Yang; Toni, Francesca, Argumentation accelerated reinforcement learning for cooperative multi-agent systems, 333-338 [Zbl 1366.68237]
Gatens, William; Konev, Boris; Wolter, Frank, Lower and upper approximations for depleting modules of description logic ontologies, 345-350 [Zbl 1366.68304]
Gebser, Martin; Janhunen, Tomi; Rintanen, Jussi, Answer set programming as SAT modulo acyclicity, 351-356 [Zbl 1366.68017]
Yang, Gen; Destercke, Sébastien; Masson, Marie-Hélène, Nested dichotomies with probability sets for multi-class classification, 363-368 [Zbl 1366.68249]
De Giacomo, Giuseppe; Lespérance, Yves; Patrizi, Fabio; Vassos, Stavros, LTL verification of online executions with sensing in bounded situation calculus, 369-374 [Zbl 1366.68340]
Gonçalves, Ricardo; Knorr, Matthias; Leite, João, Evolving multi-context systems, 375-380 [Zbl 1366.68305]
Gönen, Mehmet, Embedding heterogeneous data by preserving multiple kernels, 381-386 [Zbl 1366.62119]
Gönen, Mehmet; Bozkurt Gönen, Gülefşan; Gürgen, Fikret, Bayesian multiview dimensionality reduction for learning predictive subspaces, 387-392 [Zbl 1366.68240]
Gourvès, Laurent; Monnot, Jérôme; Tlilane, Lydia, Near fairness in matroids, 393-398 [Zbl 1366.91101]
Governatori, G.; Olivieri, F.; Scannapieco, S.; Rotolo, A.; Cristani, M., Strategic argumentation is NP-complete, 399-404 [Zbl 1366.68288]
Guo, Jiong; Raj Shrestha, Yash, Controlling two-stage voting rules, 411-416 [Zbl 1366.68094]
Haim, Galit; Gal, Ya’akov (Kobi); Kraus, Sarit; An, Bo, Human-computer negotiation in three-player market settings, 417-422 [Zbl 1366.91032]
Hashemi, Vahid; Endriss, Ulle, Measuring diversity of preferences in a group, 423-428 [Zbl 1366.91081]
Herzig, Andreas; Menezes, Viviane; Nunes de Barros, Leliane; Wassermann, Renata, On the revision of planning tasks, 435-440 [Zbl 1366.68263]
Hoffmann, Jörg; Kissmann, Peter; Torralba, Álvaro, “Distance”? Who cares? Tailoring merge-and-shrink heuristics to detect unsolvability, 441-446 [Zbl 1366.68264]
Höller, Daniel; Behnke, Gregor; Bercher, Pascal; Biundo, Susanne, Language classification of hierarchical planning problems, 447-452 [Zbl 1366.68265]
Ignatiev, A.; Morgado, A.; Manquinho, V.; Lynce, I.; Marques-Silva, J., Progression in maximum satisfiability, 453-458 [Zbl 1366.68266]
Imai, Tatsuya; Fukunaga, Alex, A practical, integer-linear programming model for the delete-relaxation in cost-optimal planning, 459-464 [Zbl 1366.68267]
Jégou, Philippe; Terrioux, Cyril, Combining restarts, nogoods and decompositions for solving CSPs, 465-470 [Zbl 1366.68268]
Ji, Qiu; Gao, Zhiqiang; Huang, Zhisheng, Conflict resolution in partially ordered OWL DL ontologies, 471-476 [Zbl 1366.68306]
Kreutzmann, Arne; Wolter, Diedrich, Qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning with AND/OR linear programming, 495-500 [Zbl 1366.68307]
Lang, Jérôme; Slavkovik, Marija, How hard is it to compute majority-preserving judgment aggregation rules?, 501-506 [Zbl 1366.68342]
Lee, Jae Hee, The complexity of reasoning with relative directions, 507-512 [Zbl 1366.68308]
Li, Jianwen; Zhang, Lijun; Pu, Geguang; Vardi, Moshe Y.; He, Jifeng, \(\mathrm{LTL}_{f}\) satisfiability checking, 513-518 [Zbl 1366.68177]
Lomuscio, Alessio R.; Michaliszyn, Jakub, Decidability of model checking multi-agent systems against a class of EHS specifications, 543-548 [Zbl 1366.68179]
Lorini, Emiliano; Jiang, Guifei; Perrussel, Laurent, Trust-based belief change, 549-554 [Zbl 1366.03179]
Ludwig, Michel; Walther, Dirk, The logical difference for \(\mathscr{ELH}^r\)-terminologies using hypergraphs, 555-560 [Zbl 1366.68309]
Lukasiewicz, Thomas; Vanina Martinez, Maria; Simari, Gerardo I., Probabilistic preference logic networks, 561-566 [Zbl 1366.68343]
Mabrouk, Ahmed; Gonzales, Christophe; Jabet-Chevalier, Karine; Chojnacki, Eric, An efficient Bayesian network structure learning algorithm in the presence of deterministic relations, 567-572 [Zbl 1366.68243]
Magiera, Krzysztof; Faliszewski, Piotr, How hard is control in single-crossing elections?, 579-584 [Zbl 1366.91086]
Maher, Michael J., Comparing defeasible logics, 585-590 [Zbl 1366.68290]
Michels, Steffen; Hommersom, Arjen; Lucas, Peter J. F.; Velikova, Marina, Imprecise probabilistic Horn clause logic, 621-626 [Zbl 1366.68292]
Miclet, Laurent; Barbot, Nelly; Prade, Henri, From analogical proportions in lattices to proportional analogies in formal concepts, 627-632 [Zbl 1366.68310]
Mushthofa, Mushthofa; Schockaert, Steven; De Cock, Martine, A finite-valued solver for disjunctive fuzzy answer set programs, 645-650 [Zbl 1366.68018]
Narodytska, Nina; Walsh, Toby, The computational impact of partial votes on strategic voting, 657-662 [Zbl 1366.91084]
Oztok, Umut; Darwiche, Adnan, CV-width: a new complexity parameter for CNFs, 675-680 [Zbl 1366.68099]
Porello, Daniele; Troquard, Nicolas, A resource-sensitive logic of agency, 723-728 [Zbl 1366.03238]
Potyka, Nico; Thimm, Matthias, Consolidation of probabilistic knowledge bases by inconsistency minimization, 729-734 [Zbl 1366.68316]
Prakken, Henry, On support relations in abstract argumentation as abstractions of inferential relations, 735-740 [Zbl 1366.68294]
Qiao, Wenzhao; Roos, Nico, An argumentation system for reasoning with LPm, 753-758 [Zbl 1366.68295]
Röger, Gabriele; Pommerening, Florian; Helmert, Malte, Optimal planning in the presence of conditional effects: extending LM-cut with context splitting, 765-770 [Zbl 1366.68272]
Roos, Nico, The semantics of behavior, 771-776 [Zbl 1366.68296]
Rossi, Roberto; Prestwich, Steven; Tarim, S. Armagan, Statistical constraints, 777-782 [Zbl 1366.68273]
Schultz, Carl; Bhatt, Mehul, Declarative spatial reasoning with Boolean combinations of axis-aligned rectangular polytopes, 795-800 [Zbl 1366.68311]
Schwering, Christoph; Lakemeyer, Gerhard, A semantic account of iterated belief revision in the situation calculus, 801-806 [Zbl 1366.03180]
Serafino, Paolo; Ventre, Carmine, Heterogeneous facility location without money on the line, 807-812 [Zbl 1366.90133]
Shchekotykhin, Kostyantyn; Friedrich, Gerhard; Rodler, Patrick; Fleiss, Philipp, Sequential diagnosis of high cardinality faults in knowledge-bases by direct diagnosis generation, 813-818 [Zbl 1366.68317]
Soldano, Henry; Santini, Guillaume, Graph abstraction for closed pattern mining in attributed networks, 849-854 [Zbl 1366.68252]
Stoilos, Giorgos; Stamou, Giorgos, Hybrid query answering over OWL ontologies, 855-860 [Zbl 1366.68312]
Szczepański, Piotr L.; Michalak, Tomasz P.; Wooldridge, Michael, A centrality measure for networks with community structure based on a generalization of the Owen value, 867-872 [Zbl 1366.91127]
Thimm, Matthias, Coherence and compatibility of Markov logic networks, 891-896 [Zbl 1366.68313]
Thomazo, Michaël; Rudolph, Sebastian, Mixing materialization and query rewriting for existential rules, 897-902 [Zbl 1366.68314]
Ugarte, Willy; Boizumault, Patrice; Loudni, Samir; Crémilleux, Bruno, Computing skypattern cubes, 903-908 [Zbl 1366.68248]
Wilson, Nic, Preference inference based on lexicographic models, 921-926 [Zbl 1366.68356]
Zarrieß, Benjamin; Claßen, Jens, Verifying CTL\(^\ast\) properties of Golog programs over local-effect actions, 939-944 [Zbl 1366.68028]
Zhao, Dengji; Luo, Siqi; Todo, Taiki; Yokoo, Makoto, False-name-proof combinatorial auction design via single-minded decomposition, 945-950 [Zbl 1366.91096]

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