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Logic, language, information, and computation. 21st international workshop, WoLLIC 2014, Valparaíso, Chile, September 1–4, 2014. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1295.03005
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8652. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-662-44144-2/pbk). xx, 237 p. (2014).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop see [Zbl 1270.03021].
Indexed articles:
Viganò, Luca; Volpe, Marco; Zorzi, Margherita, Quantum state transformations and branching distributed temporal logic. Invited paper, 1-19 [Zbl 1372.68190]
Abriola, Sergio; Descotte, María Emilia; Figueira, Santiago, Definability for downward and vertical XPath on data trees, 20-35 [Zbl 1317.68038]
Accattoli, Beniamino; Sacerdoti Coen, Claudio, On the value of variables, 36-50 [Zbl 1372.68054]
Areces, Carlos; van Ditmarsch, Hans; Fervari, Raul; Schwarzentruber, François, Logics with copy and remove, 51-65 [Zbl 1373.03043]
Baumgartner, Alexander; Kutsia, Temur, Unranked second-order anti-unification, 66-80 [Zbl 1372.68151]
Bodanza, Gustavo A.; Alessio, Claudio A., Reinstatement and the requirement of maximal specificity in argument systems, 81-93 [Zbl 1372.68235]
Carvalho, Ruan; Andrade, Laís; de Oliveira, Anjolina; de Queiroz, Ruy, Sequentialization for \(n\)-graphs via sub-\(n\)-graphs, 94-108 [Zbl 1430.03072]
Ciardelli, Ivano, Interrogative dependencies and the constructive content of inquisitive proofs, 109-123 [Zbl 1429.03125]
Cintula, Petr; Noguera, Carles, Modal logics of uncertainty with two-layer syntax: a general completeness theorem, 124-136 [Zbl 1429.03079]
Cohen, Liron; Avron, Arnon, Ancestral logic: a proof theoretical study, 137-151 [Zbl 1429.03113]
Di Pierro, Alessandra; Panarotto, Federica, A calculus of anyons, 152-165 [Zbl 1429.81016]
Ésik, Zoltán; Rondogiannis, Panos, Theorems on pre-fixed points of non-monotonic functions with applications in logic programming and formal grammars, 166-180 [Zbl 1318.68113]
Heckle, Zachary; Naumov, Pavel, Common knowledge semantics of Armstrong’s axioms, 181-194 [Zbl 1429.68309]
Küster Filipe Bowles, Juliana; Viana, Petrucio, On distributed stochastic logics for mobile systems, 195-205 [Zbl 1429.68028]
Lahav, Ori; Zohar, Yoni, On the construction of analytic sequent calculi for sub-classical logics, 206-220 [Zbl 1429.03191]
Willard, Dan E., On the broader epistemological significance of self-justifying axiom systems, 221-236 [Zbl 1429.03210]

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