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31st international symposium on theoretical aspects of computer science, STACS’ 14, Lyon, France, March 5–8, 2014. (English) Zbl 1294.68025
LIPIcs – Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics 25. Wadern: Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Zentrum für Informatik (ISBN 978-3-939897-65-1). xvi, 684 p. (2014).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding symposium see [Zbl 1280.68037].
Indexed articles:
Esparza, Javier, Keeping a crowd safe: on the complexity of parameterized verification (invited talk), 1-10 [Zbl 1359.68189]
Segoufin, Luc, A glimpse on constant delay enumeration (invited talk), 13-27 [Zbl 1359.68059]
Adamczyk, Marek; Sviridenko, Maxim; Ward, Justin, Submodular stochastic probing on matroids, 29-40 [Zbl 1359.90111]
Anderson, Matthew; Dawar, Anuj, On symmetric circuits and fixed-point logics, 41-52 [Zbl 1359.68067]
Angel, Eric; Bampis, Evripidis; Chau, Vincent, Throughput maximization in the speed-scaling setting, 53-62 [Zbl 1359.68031]
Antoniadis, Antonios; Barcelo, Neal; Consuegra, Mario; Kling, Peter; Nugent, Michael; Pruhs, Kirk; Scquizzato, Michele, Efficient computation of optimal energy and fractional weighted flow trade-off schedules, 63-74 [Zbl 1359.68032]
Araujo, Julio; Nisse, Nicolas; Pérennes, Stéphane, Weighted coloring in trees, 75-86 [Zbl 1359.68115]
Azar, Yossi; Englert, Matthias; Gamzu, Iftah; Kidron, Eytan, Generalized reordering buffer management, 87-98 [Zbl 1359.68033]
Aziz, Haris; De Keijzer, Bart, Shapley meets Shapley, 99-111 [Zbl 1359.68116]
Bacquey, Nicolas, Complexity classes on spatially periodic cellular automata, 112-124 [Zbl 1359.68204]
Bauwens, Bruno, Asymmetry of the Kolmogorov complexity of online predicting odd and even bits, 125-136 [Zbl 1359.68148]
Bekos, Michael A.; Gronemann, Martin; Raftopoulou, Chrysanthi N., Two-page book embeddings of 4-planar graphs, 137-148 [Zbl 1359.05026]
Berenbrink, Petra; Ergün, Funda; Mallmann-Trenn, Frederik; Azer, Erfan Sadeqi, Palindrome recognition in the streaming model, 149-161 [Zbl 1359.68330]
Blanchet-Sadri, Francine; Bodnar, Michelle; De Winkle, Benjamin, New bounds and extended relations between prefix arrays, border arrays, undirected graphs, and indeterminate strings, 162-173 [Zbl 1359.68238]
Boyar, Joan; Kamali, Shahin; Larsen, Kim S.; López-Ortiz, Alejandro, Online bin packing with advice, 174-186 [Zbl 1359.68322]
Bringmann, Karl; Sauerwald, Thomas; Stauffer, Alexandre; Sun, He, Balls into bins via local search: cover time and maximum load, 187-198 [Zbl 1359.68292]
Bruyère, Véronique; Filiot, Emmanuel; Randour, Mickael; Raskin, Jean-François, Meet your expectations with guarantees: beyond worst-case synthesis in quantitative games, 199-213 [Zbl 1360.91042]
Cao, Yixin; Marx, Dániel, Chordal editing is fixed-parameter tractable, 214-225 [Zbl 1359.05119]
Chen, Jian-Jia; Kao, Mong-Jen; Lee, D. T.; Rutter, Ignaz; Wagner, Dorothea, Online dynamic power management with hard real-time guarantees, 226-238 [Zbl 1359.68035]
Chillara, Suryajith; Mukhopadhyay, Partha, Depth-4 lower bounds, determinantal complexity: a unified approach, 239-250 [Zbl 1359.68123]
Cygan, Marek; Kociumaka, Tomasz, Constant factor approximation for capacitated \(k\)-center with outliers, 251-262 [Zbl 1359.90056]
Dereniowski, Dariusz; Kosowski, Adrian; Pająk, Dominik; Uznański, Przemysław, Bounds on the cover time of parallel rotor walks, 263-275 [Zbl 1359.68231]
Disser, Yann; Klimm, Max; Megow, Nicole; Stiller, Sebastian, Packing a knapsack of unknown capacity, 276-287 [Zbl 1359.90115]
Drange, Pål Grønås; Fomin, Fedor V.; Pilipczuk, Michał; Villanger, Yngve, Exploring subexponential parameterized complexity of completion problems, 288-299 [Zbl 1359.68126]
Filmus, Yuval; Lauria, Massimo; Mikša, Mladen; Nordström, Jakob; Vinyals, Marc, From small space to small width in resolution, 300-311 [Zbl 1359.03042]
Garnero, Valentin; Paul, Christophe; Sau, Ignasi; Thilikos, Dimitrios M., Explicit linear kernels via dynamic programming, 312-324 [Zbl 1359.68132]
Gavinsky, Dmitry; Pudlák, Pavel, Partition expanders, 325-336 [Zbl 1359.68232]
Gawrychowski, Paweł; Manea, Florin; Nowotka, Dirk, Testing generalised freeness of words, 337-349 [Zbl 1359.68336]
Göbel, Andreas; Goldberg, Leslie Ann; Richerby, David, Counting homomorphisms to cactus graphs modulo 2, 350-361 [Zbl 1359.05061]
Hoyrup, Mathieu, Irreversible computable functions, 362-373 [Zbl 1359.68072]
Huschenbett, Martin; Kufleitner, Manfred, Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé games on omega-terms, 374-385 [Zbl 1359.03013]
I, Tomohiro; Kärkkäinen, Juha; Kempa, Dominik, Faster sparse suffix sorting, 386-396 [Zbl 1359.68338]
Ivanyos, Gábor; Karpinski, Marek; Qiao, Youming; Santha, Miklos, Generalized Wong sequences and their applications to Edmonds’ problems, 397-408 [Zbl 1359.68328]
Iwama, Kazuo; Nagao, Atsuki, Read-once branching programs for tree evaluation problems, 409-420 [Zbl 1359.68096]
Jeandel, Emmanuel, Computability of the entropy of one-tape Turing machines, 421-432 [Zbl 1359.68073]
Jelinek, Tomas; Klaas, Marcus; Schäfer, Guido, Computing optimal tolls with arc restrictions and heterogeneous players, 433-444 [Zbl 1360.91046]
Jeż, Artur; Lohrey, Markus, Approximation of smallest linear tree grammar, 445-457 [Zbl 1359.68152]
Kawarabayashi, Ken-ichi; Thorup, Mikkel, Coloring 3-colorable graphs with \(o(n^{1/5})\) colors, 458-469 [Zbl 1359.05123]
Komm, Dennis; Královic, Rastislav; Královič, Richard; Mömke, Tobias, Randomized online algorithms with high probability guarantees, 470-481 [Zbl 1359.68326]
Kothari, Robin, An optimal quantum algorithm for the oracle identification problem, 482-493 [Zbl 1359.68090]
Kötzing, Timo, A solution to Wiehagen’s thesis, 494-505 [Zbl 1359.68150]
Lewenstein, Moshe; Nekrich, Yakov; Vitter, Jeffrey Scott, Space-efficient string indexing for wildcard pattern matching, 506-517 [Zbl 1359.68339]
Figueira, Diego; Libkin, Leonid, Synchronizing relations on words, 518-529 [Zbl 1359.68240]
Lohrey, Markus; Zetzsche, Georg, On Boolean closed full trios and rational Kripke frames, 530-541 [Zbl 1359.68174]
Marx, Dániel; Pilipczuk, Michał, Everything you always wanted to know about the parameterized complexity of subgraph isomorphism (but were afraid to ask), 542-553 [Zbl 1359.68139]
Mitchell, John C.; Zimmerman, Joe, Data-oblivious data structures, 554-565 [Zbl 1359.68052]
Monin, Benoit, Higher randomness and forcing with closed sets, 566-577 [Zbl 1359.03037]
Mustafa, Nabil H.; Ray, Saurabh, Near-optimal generalisations of a theorem of Macbeath, 578-589 [Zbl 1359.52008]
Nguyen, Dung T.; Selman, Alan L., Non-autoreducible sets for NEXP, 590-601 [Zbl 1359.68098]
Nies, André, Differentiability of polynomial time computable functions, 602-613 [Zbl 1359.03032]
Pierrot, Adeline; Rossin, Dominique, 2-stack sorting is polynomial, 614-626 [Zbl 1359.68057]
Scquizzato, Michele; Silvestri, Francesco, Communication lower bounds for distributed-memory computations, 627-638 [Zbl 1359.68027]
Skutella, Martin; Sviridenko, Maxim; Uetz, Marc, Stochastic scheduling on unrelated machines, 639-650 [Zbl 1359.68039]
Uppman, Hannes, Computational complexity of the extended minimum cost homomorphism problem on three-element domains, 651-662 [Zbl 1359.68145]
Watson, Thomas, The complexity of deciding statistical properties of samplable distributions, 663-674 [Zbl 1359.68113]
Yamamoto, Jun’ichi; I, Tomohiro; Bannai, Hideo; Inenaga, Shunsuke; Takeda, Masayuki, Faster compact on-line Lempel-Ziv factorization, 675-686 [Zbl 1359.68341]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68M20 Performance evaluation, queueing, and scheduling in the context of computer systems
68Pxx Theory of data
68Qxx Theory of computing
68Rxx Discrete mathematics in relation to computer science
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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